Quest: A Forge of Souls

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You'll receive this quest from Icara in the Homestead at the end of the quest The Witch at Home.


For this quest you'll have to look for a way to repair the soul-forge between Icara and Leandra. You won't get any hints about this until you reach the Phantom Forest and meet Cassandra, Braccus Rex's sister (#1). She'll tell you that she knows how to repair soul-forges, but she'll only reveal the secret to you if you do her a favor. She'll ask you to kill the "abomination of life" known as Arhu.

This will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can kill Arhu. You'll find him in his lab above the Legion Headquarters in Cyseal City. Arhu has a lot of hit points, good resistances, and a high armor rating, but he'll only hit you with a melee attacks, and he'll barely do any damage, so you should be able to wear him down slowly but surely. When Arhu dies, you'll earn 10,500 xp. Then when you return to Cassandra, you'll earn an additional 12,825 xp, and she'll give you the Soulforge Repair Ritual.

  • You can take the Soulforge Repair Ritual from Cassandra. You won't be allowed to pickpocket anything from her, so the only way you'll be able to get the ritual is to kill her. However, if you try it (by force-attacking her), then you'll discover that she has a void aura, and that she can't be damaged.

    To learn how to kill Cassandra, you'll need to talk to the Titan Head in the Phantom Forest (#2). This will require you to pick up the Titan Dictionary from the Wizard's House in Hunter's Edge (#4). The Titan Head will tell you that since Cassandra is a lich, the only way to kill her is to burn her bones. He'll then inform you that Cassandra was buried in the Druid Dungeon beneath the Temple of the Dead (#3).

    In the Druid Dungeon, you'll find Cassandra's grave on the northern side of the map, past a fake stone wall that you'll be able to walk through even if you don't have enough Perception to detect the illusion. When you dig up the grave, you'll find Cassandra's Skeleton. To burn it up, you'll just need to destroy it using fire spells (it'll be invulnerable to everything else). This will earn you 12,825 xp.

    With the bones out of the way, when you return to Cassandra (#1), she'll no longer have her void aura. This won't make her happy, and so she'll switch to her lich form and attack you. Cassandra can be tough to kill. She has good (but not great) resistances, she'll heal herself, and she'll summon Spore-Infested Corpses to assist her. We'd recommend killing all but one of the corpses first (if they all die then she'll just summon them again) and then concentrating on Cassandra. If you can knock her down or stun her, then the fight shouldn't be too bad. You'll earn 12,825 xp for killing Cassandra, and then you'll earn another 12,825 xp for completing the quest. Just don't forget to pick up the loot that Cassandra drops, including the Soulforge Repair Ritual and possibly the unique sword Coffinfeeder.

1 - Cassandra's Throne

2 - Titan Head

3 - Temple of the Dead

4 - Wizard's House