Location: Wizard's House

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When you enter Zandalor's house via the mirror portal (Exit A), you'll start out on a large pressure plate that will cause fireballs to shoot across the room. Then just about any move you make, no matter how careful, will trigger explosions, a static cloud, and more. So you might want to send a single character into the house, preferably one with good resistances.

You won't be able to do much on the Ground Floor yet -- other than take damage from traps -- so you should immediately head upstairs (via Exit B). You'll have to go through a static cloud to do this, so it's a good idea to quaff an Air Resistance Potion first. You should also make sure that you don't approach the staircase from a direction where fireballs will hit you if you get stunned.

Upstairs, you should notice a bunch of traps, but they'll "disappear" when you get close to them, so you won't be able to disarm them with Trap Disarm Toolkits. Instead, you should try to carefully walk around them, or, failing that, just set them off and take your lumps.

Inside the southeastern bedroom, you'll discover another mirror portal (Exit C), but this one will start out inactive. To activate it, you'll need to turn on the candleholders in the room. Then when you enter the mirror, you'll end up in the bedroom next door. Pulling the lever there (#2) will turn off the magical barriers on the Upper Floor (#2a), which will allow you to enter the master bedroom. Inside the master bedroom, you'll find another lever (#4), and pulling it will turn off all of the traps on the Ground Floor, making the house safe to explore.

1 - Treasure Chest

When you click on this chest, it will ask you to name "the grandest dame in town." The three answers available -- Bertia and Victoria from Cyseal City, and Nadia from Silverglen -- are wrong. To learn the right answer -- Icara -- you'll need to complete the quest The Hunt in Hunter's Edge. When you tell the chest the right answer, it will open, and inside it you'll find a variety of items, including a piece of legendary equipment.

2 - Lever

Pulling the lever here (#2) will turn off the two magical barriers on the Upper Floor (#2a).

3 - Book

On the nightstand here you'll find a Titan Dictionary. It might prove useful to you in the King's Tomb.

4 - Lever

Pulling the lever here will turn off all of the traps on the Ground Floor.

5 - Table and Chair

On the table and chair here, you'll find a Journal and the Wizard's Cellar Key. The Journal will give you a little more background information about the murder that brought you to Cyseal City at the start of the game, and the key will unlock a gate in the Cellar (#12).

6 - Jewelry Chest

Inside this small chest you'll find the Phantom Protection Amulet. You'll need this amulet for the quest Follow the Wizard.

7 - Desk

On this desk you'll find a Magic Ink Pot and Quill, which you might find useful if you're a crafter.

8 - Book

On the nightstand here you'll find a book entitled Secrets of the Source Temple. Reading the book will give you some hints about the Source Temple, which you'll be visiting soon.

9 - Magical Barrier

There isn't any way to remove this barrier. You'll only be able to enter the house via the mirror portal from the hidden cellar (Exit A).

10 - Bookshelf

At this spot you might notice that a bookshelf is blocking a doorway. To move the bookshelf out of the way, you'll just need to push the button right next to it (on the wall to the west).

11 - Zandalor's Scroll

If you read Zandalor's Scroll in between the dining room table and the entrance mirror portal (Exit A), then you'll reveal the hatch leading down to the Cellar (Exit D).

12 - Locked Gate

You'll find the key for this gate on the Upper Floor (#5).

13 - Table

On this table you'll find a few scrolls, including a Magical Unlock Scroll.

  1. Mirror portal back to the hidden cellar beneath Hunter's Edge.
  2. Staircase between the Ground Floor and the Upper Floor.
  3. Mirror portals. To activate these portals, you'll need to turn on all four candleholders in the eastern portal room.
  4. Hatch between the Ground Floor and the Cellar. You'll earn an exploration xp bonus the first time you enter the Cellar.
  5. Waypoint portal.