Location: Sacred Stone

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There isn't much to see or do in Sacred Stone -- or its attached prison -- other than visit some shopkeepers (#2-4). The village was probably designed like this on purpose so you can wipe out the Immaculates living there if you want. Just be careful with the prison; the prison guards will attack you if you free any of the prisoners or enter any of the cells, and the battle will most likely cost you a point of reputation. The only way we've heard of to avoid the reputation loss is to featherfall Bruthor (#7) out of his cell and then kill the guards before they kill him.

1 - Immaculate Guards

When you approach the entrance to Sacred Stone, two Immaculate guards will stop you and demand that you prove your devotion to the Conduit. You can do this by showing them an Enlightened Amulet, which you'll gain at the end of the quest A Mysterious Murder. Once the guards have seen the amulet, they'll allow you to come and go when you want. But if you attempt to enter the village without showing the amulet, then the guards -- and eventually the entire village -- will attack you. You'll gain an exploration xp bonus when you enter the village.

2 - Tenebrium Smith

Inside this shop you'll be able to buy armor and tenebrium weapons -- plus steal a lot of Tenebrium Ore if you're interested. If you sneak up to the livings quarters above the shop, then you'll find a pair of chests that you can loot.

3 - Geomancer's Laboratory

The first time you approach the laboratory, Attenberah's apprentice will come fleeing out screaming for help. You won't be able to do anything for him. Attenberah will kill him a few seconds later.

When you enter the laboratory, Attenberah will demand that you prove yourself more capable than her former apprentice, and she'll challenge you to a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you win, then you'll earn 5145 charisma xp, and Attenberah will turn into a useful shopkeeper. However, if you talk to her again, then she'll challenge you again, and this time winning will earn you 4500 charisma xp. If you lose either of the games, then Attenberah, her two remaining apprentices, and the two elementals at the front door will attack you, and you'll earn about 25,000 xp for defeating them. Attenberah will drop an Enlightened Amulet -- plus probably a lot of other gear -- when she dies.

Of interest in the shop, you'll find the book How to Handle Tenebrium on top of a shelf. It will give the reader the Tenebrium skill, provided that you didn't receive it at the end of the quest The Troll's Bounty. You'll also find lots of Tenebrium Ore that you can steal.

4 - Immaculate Academy

The Enlightened Teacher here (#4) will give you some background information about the Immaculates, and he'll sell you a variety of potions. He'll also have the Luculla Prison Key, which will unlock the cells in the prison to the east (#7-8). If you sneak upstairs, then you'll find some chests to loot plus the Prison Door Key, which will unlock the door between the academy and the prison (#4a).

5 - Locked Chest

We've never found the key to this chest. Lockpicking 2 is enough to get it open.

6 - Pile of Corpses

This appears to be where the bodies from the prison go. You'll find a "hidden" chest here.

7 - Bruthor's Cell

The guards will attack you if you open Bruthor's cell. You won't receive a reward for freeing Bruthor.

8 - Other Cells

The guards will attack you if you unlock or enter any of these cells. You won't receive a reward for freeing any of the prisoners.

  1. Waypoint portal.