Location: Maradino's Lair

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Maradino's Lair is hidden in Luculla Forest North. The entrance is located on the cliff above where you meet Frederick. To detect the entrance, you'll need a character with at least Perception 6, and you'll need to move him next to the tree and boulders in the area. When your character gets close enough, one of the boulders should disappear, revealing the entrance.

1 - Iron Ore Deposit

2 - Study Door

This door will start out locked. You'll find the key for it to the north (#6).

Inside the study you'll find several books about Maradino: Maradino and the Matchbox, Maradino's Cold Bones, Maradino's Devouring Greed, Maradino's Heavy Rains, and Maradino's Stormy Nights. You'll also find the Latest Research (it'll teach you the recipe for Filters of the Fearless Imp), a Weresheep Recipe (it'll teach you how to create Weresheep Armour), and a Book. Reading the Book will open the secret door leading to Maradino's Inner Sanctum (#3).

3 - Inner Sanctum Door

This secret door will start out closed. To open it, you'll need to read the Book in the shelves. Going through the door will give you an exploration xp bonus.

Inside the Inner Sanctum, you'll find a Blood Stone Shard (which will trigger the quest Frederick's Blood Stone if you don't have it yet), a Lightning Bolt Skillbook, and Maradino's Secret Files (which will give you a way to explore the Troll King's Cave).

But be careful! When you exit the Inner Sanctum, you'll get attacked by Maradino's Ghost plus an undead adventuring band. Maradino will have more hit points than the adventuring band combined, so you should start with them first. As you kill the undead adventurers, Maradino will raise them back to full health, and they'll begin fighting anew. Normally resurrections like this are bad, but in this case you'll get full xp for killing the adventurers each time you finish them off, and so it's to your advantage to make the fight last for a while. However, eventually Maradino will stop resurrecting the adventurers and start casting spells at you, and that's when you should make a concerted effort to kill him. You'll earn 7875 xp when Maradino dies, and there's a good chance he'll drop a legendary item.

4 - Yox

Yox is involved in the quest Slaves and Masters. Next to Yox you'll find an Iron Ore deposit.

5 - Rafflesia Abominabla

At this spot you'll get attacked by a giant flower called Rafflesia Abominabla. It'll hit you with poison, it'll spray you with oil, it'll summon smaller flowers to attack you, and more, but we've never found it to be especially dangerous. You'll earn 4500 xp for defeating the abominabla, and it'll drop some random equipment when it dies.

Note: Around the abominabla you should notice four dirt pressure plates. There isn't a puzzle associated with them. They are just the locations where the abominabla might summon flowers.

Near the abominabla you'll also find a Silver Ore deposit.

6 - Hidden Mound

With enough Perception, you'll detect a hidden mound here, and digging it up will produce the Key to the Study (#1).

  1. Exit to Luculla Forest North.