Location: Cyseal Underground

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Elemental Caves

You can reach these caves from Cyseal West. The two caves are a puzzle. In each one you'll find a set of four pillars (#1), where each pillar will have the symbol of an element on it and a button right next to it. You should also notice a sign near the pillars. The sign will list the four elements in a certain order.

What you'll need to do is press the buttons on the pillars using the order of the elements from the sign in the opposite cave. This will cause a Level 5 Mysterious Opponent to show up in the opposite cave. Defeating the opponent will cause a hatch to appear (Exit B), which will give you access to the central treasure cave. You'll need to defeat the opponent in both caves, so you'll have two entrances into the central cave. The Mysterious Opponents won't give you any xp when they die, but they will drop some decent loot. One opponent will have a bunch of magical arrows and a Round Pendant, while the other will have a bunch of potions and a Square Pendant.

In the central cave, you'll come to two magical barriers (#3), one accessed via each entrance. In front of the barriers you'll find a pedestal. You'll need to put the Round Pendant on one pedestal and the Square Pendant on the other. If you have the pendants on the right pedestals, then they'll sparkle, and the barriers will disappear. Past the barriers you'll discover four ornate chests. Inside each chest you'll find two random items plus a skillbook or a Resurrect Scroll.

Note: The Round Pendant and the Square Pendant can't be sold, so you might as well leave them on the pedestals.


This is a small area easy to reach from Cyseal City, where you can fight some low-level battles and mine some Iron Ore (#2).

Ancient Tomb

You can reach this tomb via a staircase in the desecrated church in Cyseal East. Near the entrance to the tomb you'll come to a magical barrier with a control panel in front of it (#6). To remove the barrier, you'll need to have an Enlightened Amulet, which you'll pick up at the end of the quest A Mysterious Murder.

At the back of the tomb, you'll have a major battle against Braccus Rex and his top lieutenants (#8). You'll need to defeat these enemies for the quests The Undead Scourge and The Quest for Braccus Rex. When Braccus dies, he'll drop the key for the "personal belongings" chest (#7). You'll find the key for the other chest (#9) in the Luculla Forest.

Rank Tunnel

This is the tunnel where you'll encounter the Arhu SparkMaster 5000, which is a part of two quests: Arhu's Failed Experiment and The Fabulous Five. You'll need to go through this tunnel to reach the western side of Cyseal North.

Evelyn's Hideout

You'll discover Evelyn's Hideout in Cyseal North. It's involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder. You'll have to do a lot of fighting in the hideout, including against Evelyn at the end (#13).

Primordial Cave

This cave is your "reward" for completing the quest The Talking Statues. In it you'll meet Bellegar -- who you might remember from Divinity II -- plus his Bellegarettes (#15). Bellegar is a shopkeeper, but when you leave the cave he'll leave too, so you should go shopping while you can. You'll meet Bellegar again later when you reach the Phantom Forest.

1 - Elemental Pillars

2 - Iron Deposits

You'll need a Pickaxe before you can mine these deposits for ore.

3 - Magical Barriers / Pedestals

4 - Hidden Chest

With enough Perception, you'll discover a hidden chest here.

5 - Ladder

This ladder will take you to an isolated part of Cyseal South where you'll find a treasure chest.

6 - Magical Barrier

7 - Braccus Rex's Personal Belongings

This chest will start out locked. Braccus (#3) will drop the key for it when he dies. Inside the chest you'll usually find four random magical items, and opening the chest will trigger a Star Stone, which will heal your party and give you some xp (and possibly unlock a portal in the Homestead). Next to the chest you'll find a Burning Blaze Skillbook.

8 - Braccus Rex

9 - Chest of the Source King

You'll discover a purple lock on this chest, which means to open it you'll need to find the key or you'll need to use a Magical Unlock Scroll. You'll find the key for the chest much later in the game in the Druid Dungeon in the Phantom Forest.

10 - Visco

Visco is involved in the quest Arhu's Failed Experiment.

11 - Arhu SparkMaster 5000

12 - Locked Door

You'll find the key for the door on the nearby Anemic Cultist.

13 - Evelyn

14 - Silver Deposit

15 - Bellegar

  1. Exit to Cyseal West.
  2. Hatch to the treasure cave.
  3. Bucket and rope leading up to the well in Cyseal West.
  4. Ladder to the Cyseal City graveyard.
  5. Stairs to the basement of the abandoned house in Cyseal City. Next to the stairs you'll find a key, which will unlock a door in the basement.
  6. Exit to the Desecrated Church in Cyseal East.
  7. Exit to Cyseal North.