Quest: Arhu's Failed Experiment

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You'll receive this quest from Arhu in the Cyseal City Legion Headquarters (#1) after accepting the quest The Fabulous Five from Mendius (#2).


From Mendius you'll learn that Arhu created a robot to fight the undead, but that it stopped obeying orders and eventually went to a cave to the north, where it started attacking everybody. When you ask Arhu about the robot, he'll tell you that it became self-aware, which is "frightfully annoying," and he'll give you the Arhu SparkMaster 5000 Universal Controller so you can deactivate it. To learn how to use the controller, you'll need to pick up the Universal Controller Instruction Manual, which you can find on a desk near Arhu. Your conversation with Arhu will earn you 100 xp.

When you reach the cave (#3), you'll meet some of the Fabulous Five recruits sent to deal with the robot. They'll reveal that their expedition failed badly, and they'll have some harsh things to say about the Fabulous Five. At the end of the conversation, the recruits will start following you. They'll help you in the fight against the robot.

A little farther into the cave you'll come to the SparkMaster 5000. A skeleton will be riding it, and three more skeletons will be guarding it. You'll have to get pretty close to the robot to use the controller, so you'll almost certainly have to start a fight with it. But once combat starts, you'll have some options:
  • You can use the code A-A-A on the controller. This will deactivate the controller, so it's not a good idea.

  • You can use the code A-A-S on the controller. This will cause the robot to self-destruct.

  • You can use the code A-H-A on the controller. This will cause the robot to go berserk, but it will still only attack you and not the skeletons, so it's not a good idea, either.

  • You can use the code H-H-H on the controller. This will turn on "party mode," but the robot won't start dancing. This option seems to be about the same as the S-S-H option.

  • You can use the code S-S-H on the controller. This will deactivate the robot's weapons -- at least mostly. The robot won't cause any damage on its turn, but it will still hit you with attacks of opportunity.

  • You can also ignore the controller completely and just fight the robot, but this is much more difficult.
If you kill the robot, then you'll receive 1545 xp for its death, and it will drop a few random rare items. If you self-destruct the robot, then you won't get any xp or loot. So the best code to use is S-S-H. But regardless, you'll receive 900 xp at the end of the battle when the recruits leave you and return to Cyseal City.

To complete the quest, you'll need to return to Cyseal City yourself and check in on the recruits. You'll find one of them -- Richardus -- in the basement of the Legion Headquarters guarding the treasure room there (#1). If you can beat Richardus in a rock-paper-scissors mini-game, then he'll allow you to enter the treasure room, where you'll find a treasure chest plus some crates. If you fail to win the mini-game, then you'll have to steal the key to the treasure room from Richardus and sneak in (assuming you want to enter it).

1 - Legion Headquarters

2 - Mendius

3 - Rank Tunnel Entrance