Quest: The Lost Archeologist

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There are two ways to trigger this quest. You can receive it from Captain Aureus in Cyseal City (#1), or you can start it by meeting Wulfram in Cyseal West (#2).


From Aureus or Wulfram, you'll learn that soldiers were sent out with an archeologist -- Wulfram -- to investigate some burial mounds north of the city, since they might be a possible source of the undead. When you meet Wulfram, he'll tell you that the soldiers are dead, and he'll ask you for an escort back to Cyseal City. This decision will give you a choice between Compassionate (+3% critical chance) or Heartless (+20% hit chance when backstabbing).

If you decide to take Wulfram back to town, then you'll earn 335 xp, and Wulfram will begin leading the way. You'll get attacked twice during the trip -- once by a single level 4 skeleton, and once by two level 3 skeletons -- but you shouldn't have too much trouble with the battles. When you reach Cyseal City you'll earn 430 xp, and when you report your success to Captain Aureus, you'll receive an additional 3000 xp, plus a point of reputation.

1 - Legion Headquarters

2 - Wulfram