Quest: Find the Witch!

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Jake at the end of the quest A Mysterious Murder.


Jake will tell you that he was murdered by the White Witch, and he'll encourage you to hunt her down right away. You'll find the White Whitch's cabin in the Luculla Forest, which is the map area connected to the Cyseal map. However, when you reach the cabin, you'll discover that an Immaculate Summoner is guarding it. He'll demand that you leave, and if you refuse, then you'll have to play against him in a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you win then he'll leave, and you'll earn 5500 charisma xp. But if you lose, then he'll summon two waves of shadows to attack you, and eventually he'll attack you himself. These battles will net you close to 20,000 xp.

Of course, dealing with the summoner is only half of the battle. You'll also discover that the cabin has been surrounded by a magical purple barrier. The two giant mushrooms next to the cabin will tell you how to remove the barrier. This is covered in the quest Fun with Fungi.

When you actually enter the cabin, you won't find the White Witch inside, but you will spot a giant mirror that you can use to travel to the Witch's Grotto. Inside the grotto, you'll see traces of battles between Immaculates and forest animals, and when you walk past puddles of water, sometimes they'll talk to you. Eventually you'll meet Almina, the White Witch's apprentice (and the voice from the puddles), and you'll find out that the White Witch was captured by the Immaculates and transported to Hiberheim, and that somehow the lake was converted to a rift for the purpose. Learning this information will earn you 1350 xp. For more detailed information about these events and how to convert the lake back into a rift, please refer to the quest entry for The Lady in the Lake.

When you reach Hiberheim yourself, you'll meet Almina (#1), which will earn you 1350 xp. Almina will tell you that there's no way the White Witch could have murdered anybody, and she'll ask you to rescue her. Before dying, Almina will also warn you that the elements in Hiberheim are out of balance, and that something is wrong in the region. This will trigger the quest Eternal Winter.

As you explore Hiberheim, most people you talk to will speculate that the White Witch must have been sent to the prison of King Boreas in Hiberheim Castle. Some, such as Arroka (#2), will even reveal that you can sneak into the prison using a maintenance tunnel (Exits A and B). When you eventually make your way into the prison, you'll earn 1650 xp, but when you reach the White Witch, you'll discover that she's imprisoned in a large ice crystal that you can't break her out of (#3).

To free the White Witch, you'll have to end King Boreas' reign and release the elemental monarchs he has imprisoned in his Elemental Staff. This is covered in the quest entry for Eternal Winter. At the end of that quest you'll meet Sua the Fire Monarch at the Elemental Forge (#4). When you tell him about the ice crystal surrounding the White Witch, he'll give you a Fire Rune, which will allow you to summon him when you're next to the witch. This conversation will earn you 2340 xp.

When you summon Sua to the White Witch, he'll free her, which will complete the quest and earn you 4680 xp plus a point of reputation. The White Witch will then reveal a few things: that her name is Icara, that her sister Leandra is the Conduit, that the two of them are soul forged, and that Icara killed Councilor Jake, but only to prevent him from murdering her "treacherous" paramour, who Leandra had seduced. At the end of the conversation, Zixzax will show up, and he and Leandra will leave for the Homestead. This will trigger the quest The Witch at Home.

1 - Almina

2 - Arroka's Prison

3 - White Witch's Prison

4 - Elemental Forge

  1. Hatch to the maintenance tunnel.
  2. Hatch to the Hiberheim Castle prison.