Location: Hiberheim

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Note: If you have 5 ranks of Crafting, then you can combine boots with Nine Inch Nails to give the boots a "no slipping" bonus. That bonus can be very useful in Hiberheim, where you'll have to deal with a lot of water and ice.

1 - Stone Door

You'll only be able to open this door by pulling the lever on its northern side.

2 - Ornate Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Dusty Parchment, which will give you a clue for opening the Last Chest in the Homestead.

3 - Stone Door

This door should open for you when you stand on the floor switch in front of it (it might take some walking around to find the switch). To keep the door open for good, you'll just need to pull the lever on its southern side, which will rquire you to split up your party. However, when you pull the lever, you'll get attacked by six Level 10 Mecha-Rodents. The beta rodents will self-destruct and explode, while the alpha rodents will hit you pretty hard. So try to kill or disable the rodents as quickly as possible.

4 - Dead Imps

Among the dead imps here, you'll find an Imp Maintenance Diary. It will give you a hint for how to reach William McWishing Well (#25).

5 - Stone Door

To open this door (#5), you'll need to pull the lever right next to it. However, the lever will start out locked. To unlock it, you can either use the Tiny Golden Key from the hidden mound just to the east (#5a), or you can pick the lock if your Lockpicking skill is at least 3. When you pull the lever, two Level 10 Mecha-Roosters will attack you.

6 - Almina

Almina is involved in the quests Find the Witch and The Lady in the Lake. You'll find a high level ornate chest just past the poison vent next to Almina.

7 - Watchful Sentinel

If this statue can see you, then it will cause ice shards to fall from the sky onto the path nearby. Standing on a pressure plate just to the south of the sentinel will turn it off.

8 - Chest

When you open this chest, you'll get attacked by six Mecha-Rodents.

9 - Switch

You'll need to stand on this switch to open the nearby stone door (#10). To get to the switch, you'll need to move some barrels out of the way, one of which will cause an explosion. So before you start moving any of the regular barrels, be sure to move the Oil Barrel, so the explosion when it comes won't do as much damage.

10 - Stone Door

To open this door you'll need to stand on the floor switch nearby (#9). To keep the door open for good, you'll just need to pull the lever on its northern side.

11 - White Wolves

You'll encounter a few White Wolves here. They'll be feeding on the corpse of a white stag, but they'll attack you when you get close enough. After the battle, a character with the Pet Pal talent will be able to talk to the ghost of the white stag, but it won't lead to anything. Nearby in the bushes you can also find an ornate chest.

12 - Arroka's Prison

Arroka is involved in the quest Captives in the Crystals.

13 - Hilda and Friends

When you get close enough to Hilda, she'll initiate a conversation with you, which will almost immediately trigger a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you win the game, then you'll earn 4125 xp, and you'll be able to ask Hilda how she managed to tame a Shambling Oak. This will trigger another game of rock-paper-scissors, and winning this time will earn you 2360 xp. Losing either game will cause Hilda and her party to attack you, which will earn you about 10,000 xp total.

If Hilda survives, then she and her party will head over to a nearby camp, where you'll be able to talk to an Immaculate Enchanter. Your conversation with him can trigger or update the quest A Dark Matter. If Hilda dies, then she'll drop a Shambling Oak Death Wand. You can use this wand to kill the nearby Guardian (#15), but it will give Rot to the character who holds it (unless you've already gained Rot immunity from the quest The Troll's Bounty), so you might want to leave the wand on the ground. If you pick up the Rot, you can cure it using a Blood Stone. You'll find one in Hiberheim Castle.

14 - Immaculate Camp

Inside this camp you'll meet Fabrizio plus a few other Immaculates. When you get close enough, Fabrizio will demand to know what you're doing there, which will result in a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you win the game, then you'll earn 4125 xp, and you'll be able to continue your conversation. Fabrizio can tell you all about the Immaculates in Hiberheim, but to learn those secrets (which can trigger or update the quest A Dark Matter), you'll need to beat him in another game of rock-paper-scissors. Winning the second game will also reward you with 2360 xp. If you lose either game of rock-paper-scissors, then you'll have to fight the Immaculates, but you'll earn about 17,000 xp for defeating them.

15 - Ambush

At this spot (where the bones are on the ground) you'll get ambushed by a Snow Shaman and several white wolves.

16 - Hidden Chest

You'll find a chest hiding behind the stone skull here. The location of the chest is one of the secrets you can purchase from the Teller of Secrets in the Homestead.

17 - Ledge

From this ledge it's possible to use your Teleporter Pyramids to make several "jumps," which will give you access to the ramparts of Hiberheim Castle (where you can enter the castle at Exit D) and also the stone door leading back to the forested part of Hiberheim (#1). To jump, just throw a pyramid to the closest outcropping of land adjacent to the castle, then teleport yourself to the pyramid, and then repeat. It will take four jumps to complete the trip. Along the way you'll earn an exploration xp bonus, and you might even detect a hidden mound containing an ornate chest (on the third outcropping).

18 - Immaculate Camp

When you get close enough to this camp, the Immaculate Beth will start a conversation with you, which will trigger a game of rock-paper-scissors. Winning the game will earn you 4125 xp, and Beth will happily reveal why the Immaculates are in Hiberheim, which can trigger or update the quest A Dark Matter. If you beat Beth in a second game of rock-paper-scissors, then you'll earn 2360 xp, and Elisa in the camp will become a shopkeeper for potions. If you lose either game, then the Immaculates will attack you, and you'll earn about 18,000 xp for defeating them.

19 - Hopper and the Scar-Faced Warden

At this spot you're supposed encounter a rabbit named Hopper being chased by a Scar-Faced Warden, due to the fact that the rabbit has been nibbling on the warden's carrot nose -- or at least that's out understanding. Every time we've come upon the pair, they've just been standing there, and they've been non-interactive, so we haven't been able to talk to them. So we're not sure if this encounter triggers a quest, or if it's just an extra.

Anyway, you can choose between the two characters. If you kill the rabbit for the warden, then you'll earn 30 xp, and the warden won't say much. But if you kill the warden for the rabbit, then you'll earn 2340 xp, and the rabbit will tell you about a chasm you can jump over to reach the ramparts of Hiberheim Castle. He'll then lead you to the ledge (#17) where you can start your jumps. Learning about the ledge from the rabbit will earn you an additional 1980 xp.

20 - Hidden Mound

If your Perception is high enough, then you'll spot a hidden mound here, inside of which you'll find a treasure chest.

21 - Haizea the Disemboweler's Prison

Haizea is involved in the quest Captives in the Crystals.

22 - The Guardian

The Guardian has about 2600 hit points, and it resists 90% of everything except for fire, which it "only" resists at 80%. That is, it'll take you forever to kill this enemy, unless you use the Shambling Oak Death Wand (#12), which will kill it in one hit (but you won't earn any xp this way, and one of your characters will catch the Rot). The good news is that the Guardian doesn't do a lot of damage, so even without the wand you should be able to wear it down and eventually defeat it. When the Guardian dies, it will drop four or five random items, including probably a legendary item, and you'll also earn 4680 xp.

23 - Chests

If you destroy the ice crystals here, then you'll discover a pair of treasure chests.

24 - Pressure Plate Puzzles

There are two pressure plate puzzles here. For the first, you'll find four pressure plates (you'll need to detect one of them) in front of a large lava vent. You'll need to put something on each pressure plate, and when you do, the lava will disappear, allowing you to continue up the stairs to a lever hidden in the bushes. Pulling the lever will disable the lava vent permanently and also open the three doors leading to William McWishing Well (#25).

For the second pressure plate puzzle, you should notice four pressure plates situated next to four Watchful Sentinels. Your goal is to keep all four pressure plates activated without being detected. You'll need to use at least two of your characters for two of the pressure plates, but for the other two you can use heavy objects, such as the nearby chests (#23).

Unless you have a super sneaking character, the easiest way to complete the puzzle is to use an Invisibility Potion. They can be crafted by combining Air Resistance Potions with an Magical Armour Potions, provided you have a character with at least Crafting 4. Then you can put one character on the top right pressure plate (which isn't being watched), and you can give a second (strong) character an Invisibility Potion plus two chests. The second character should then be able to quaff the potion, drop the chests on two of the pressure plates, and stand on the last one before the potion wears off.

If you solve the puzzle correctly, then the sentinels will immediately crumble and disappear, and the chest next to William McWishing Well (#25) will unlock. You won't earn any xp for completing the puzzle. If you don't want to deal with the puzzle, then you can also simply bash open the reward chest. It only has about 500 hit points, and it doesn't have any defenses, so it shouldn't take you long to get into it.

25 - William McWishing Well

William is involved in the quest The Wishing Brother. If you're charming or don't mind paying, then you can get a wish from Walter, either to remove the snowstorms from the southern part of the map, or to remove the volcanic eruptions from the northern part.

Next to William you'll discover a locked ornate chest. The only way to unlock the chest is to solve the nearby pressure plate puzzle (#24), but you can also easily bash it open if you want. Inside the chest you'll find a Royal Guard Talisman, which will allow you to pick up the Winter Ring in Hiberheim Castle.

26 - Antzigar's Prison

Antzigar is involved in the quest Captives in the Crystals.

27 - Axyx

Among some dead imps and Immaculates here, you'll meet the imp Axyx. He'll update the quest A Dark Matter. On the ground near him you'll find another Imp Maintenance Diary, which will give you a hint for reaching King Boreas' prison.

28 - Immaculate Battle

At this spot you'll run into a bunch of Immaculates and white wolves. This is the group that has been hunting imps in the area. The Immaculates will consist mostly of spellcasters and marksmen, so this is a battle you might have trouble with, depending on your level. So if you need to, try out Hiberheim Castle first, and then return here later. When you can defeat the Immaculates, you'll earn about 30,000 xp total for their deaths.

29 - Jijix

You'll meet a dying imp named Jijix here. He'll mention that King Boreas is ruling Hiberheim because the Immaculates gave him an Elemental Staff, and then he'll keel over dead.

30 - Elemental Forge

The first time you visit the forge, you'll encounter the Conduit in front of it, which will lead to a battle. This battle is a part of the quest A Dark Matter. After the fight, you'll find a set of Orders on the ground. These Orders will allow you to go through the main entrance of Hiberheim Castle (Exit C). Later, the Elemental Forge will allow you to destroy the Elemental Staff and complete the quest Eternal Winter.

31 - Lava Vents

You'll discover three large lava vents on the walkway here. If you're careful, you can use your Teleporter Pyramids or Teleport spell to move between them and reach the portal on the other side (#32). Or you might notice that on the platform leading up to the lava vents, there is a Cracked Sentinel plus the remains of three other sentinels. If you finish off the Cracked Sentinel, then the lava will disappear.

32 - Portal to Treasure Chamber

When you go through the portal to arrive in the treasure chamber, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus. Inside the chamber you'll find two chests: one in a caged room full of lava, and one by a lava vent protected by an invulnerable Watchful Sentinel:
  • Lava cage chest. There isn't any way to open the door to the cage, although if you're patient you can use a tenebrium weapon to destroy it. But you can cast spells through the door, including Tornado to clear the lava between the door and the chest, and Teleport (or Featherfall or Cloak and Dagger or Phoenix Dive) to move a character to the chest. The chest will usually have a trio of Level 10 items inside.

  • Sentinel chest. If the sentinel sees you opening this chest, then it will turn on a lava vent, which will block you from leaving the room. If you have a character who can sneak, then you can safely open the chest that way. Otherwise, the easiest way to get to the chest is to teleport it away from the sentinel and lava vent so it doesn't matter what the sentinel sees. The chest will usually have a pair of Level 10 items inside.

33 - Hiberheim Castle

Please refer to the Hiberheim Castle section for more information about this location.

34 - Chest and Skillbook

You'll find a treasure chest and an Ice Wall Skillbook at this spot. The location of the skillbook is one of the secrets you can buy from the Teller of Secrets in the Homestead. You'll earn an exploration xp bonus when you get close to the chest.

35 - Traps

You'll find a whole mess of traps in these two parts of the maintenance tunnel.

  1. Rift to the Witch's Grotto.
  2. Maintenance tunnel hatch. With enough Perception, you'll notice a hidden mound in front of the skull rock here, and digging it up will reveal the hatch.
  3. Main entrance to Hiberheim Castle. When you approach this entrance, you'll probably be spotted by two pairs of Watchful Sentinels. Each pair will summon three Level 12 Water Elementals to attack you. Defeating the elementals will earn you 2925 xp each and also cause the sentinels to crumble. The entrance itself will start out blocked by a magical barrier. To remove the barrier, you'll need to pick up the Orders from the Immaculates at the Elemental Forge (#30), and then use it like a key. Removing the barrier will earn you 2340 xp.
  4. Side entrance to Hiberheim Castle. To reach this entrance, you'll need to do some jumping starting at the ledge (#17).
  5. Ladder to the Hiberheim Castle prison.
  6. Waypoint portal.