Location: King's Tomb

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1 - Watchful Guardian

When you get close enough to the Watchful Guardian here, it will stop you. If you have the Titan Dictionary from the Wizard's House in Hunter's Edge, then you'll understand what it's saying, and you'll be able to play a game of rock-paper-scissors with it. If you win, then you'll earn 8160 charisma xp, and the guardian will allow you to explore the tomb. But if you lose, or if you don't have the Titan Dictionary, then four of the Eternal Guardians flanking you in the hall (#2) will jump down and attack you.

The Eternal Guardians are big, slow and tough. They'll do a lot of damage if they hit you, so it's a good idea to have your party run to one of the nearby staircases, where you can block the guardians from reaching your ranged characters, and where you should only have to fight two at once. You won't be able to damage the Eternal Guardians with fire or earth spells, but they're vulnerable to crushing damage, and they can be stunned. So if you position your party so you're facing two at once, and if you can keep one stunned, then it'll be like you're only facing one at a time, which might give you a chance to heal the damage they do. If you can defeat the Eternal Guardians, then you'll earn about 23,000 xp.

2 - Eternal Guardians

3 - Lightning Trap

Starting at the top of the staircases here, you'll have to keep to a particular path (shown on the map above), or else you'll get hit by a massive lightning bolt that will kill you in one shot, even if you have plenty of lightning resistance or the Invulnerability spell active. To detect the path -- represented in the game by a series of orc footprints -- you'll need to have at least Perception 10. If you can't get your Perception that high, then there are two ways around it:
  • You can summon a creature, and it will detect the path as it follows you.

  • You can follow the path blind by noticing if you're warm or chilled. The game will cause characters who are on the path to be warm, and characters who wander off the path to become chilled. This method is tedious -- and will probably require lots of saves and loads -- but it's workable.
There isn't any way to disable the trap.

4 - Side Crypt Launch Point

There are two ways to reach the crypt to the east from this spot:
  • You can throw a Teleporter Pyramid to the top of the stairs. You'll have to drop the pyramid first for this to work, and the thrower will need to have at least Strength 6 to throw the pyramid far enough. However, finding a landing spot for the pyramid can be tough. The higher your Strength is, the more options you'll have for this.

  • You can just walk off the path towards the staircase. A lightning bolt will kill you, but then you can have another character use a Blood Stone (or open the tomb at #8, which will trigger a Star Stone) to resurrect you. Resurrecting in this way will fool the trap and allow you to move anywhere you want, as long as you stay off the designated path. Returning to the path and then leaving it again will just get you zapped again.

5 - Side Crypt

For all the work required to reach this crypt (see #4), you won't find much inside -- just a chest and some vases and a Terror Skillbook.

6 - Doorway

When you go through this doorway, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus.

7 - Garrick's Body

This body is involved in the quest War of the Stones. On it you'll find a Broken-Off Horn and a Letter Addressed to Garrick.

8 - Tomb of the Knight

In front of the tomb you'll meet two Watchers named Myrthos and Moriendor. They'll give you the quest The Watch Is Coming. When you open up the tomb, you'll trigger a Star Stone, which will heal your party and grant you some xp.

9 - Spiderpig

You'll find a strange creature called a spiderpig here, but you won't be able to do anything with it.

  1. Exit to Hunter's Edge.
  2. Waypoint portal.