Talent Requires Description
All Skilled Up Level 3 Gives you 2 extra Ability Points to spend
Anaconda Single-Handed 1 Increases your damage with crushing weapons by 10%
Arrow Recovery Gives you a 20% chance to recover a special arrow after shooting it
Back-Stabber Scoundrel 1 Allows you to backstab with daggers and knives
Bigger and Better Level 5 Gives you 1 extra Attribute Point to spend
Bully Gives you 50% extra damage against opponents that are slowed, crippled or knocked down
Comeback Kid Willpower 5 When an opponent lands a blow that should kill you, Comeback Kid will leave you with 1 health as long as you had more than 1 left
Courageous Can't have Escapist talent Grants you immunity to Fear, but you can no longer flee from combat
Demon Pyrokinetic 5 Gives you a chance to burn an opponent who strikes you with a melee weapon, but inflicts a 25% penalty to your Water Resistance
Elemental Affinity Lowers the AP cost of spells by 1 when standing on a surface of the same element
Elemental Ranger Expert Marksman 5 Arrows might inflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface your target is standing on
Escapist Can't have Courageous talent Allows you to flee from combat even when enemies are right next to you
Far Out Man Increases the range of spells and scrolls by 2m
Five-Star Diner Doubles the effects of food
Glass Cannon Level 5 Doubles your recovery AP, but your total vitality is decreased by 50% (including the bonus from Lone Wolf)
Guerrilla Sneaking 1 Doubles your attack damage when sneaking
Headstrong Scoundrel 5 Gives you a 20% bonus against being Frozen, Stunned, Petrified and Knocked Down
Ice King Hydrosophist 5 Gives you a chance to chill an opponent who strikes you with a melee weapon, but inflicts a 25% penalty to your Fire Resistance
Know-It-All Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 20 but gives you +1 Intelligence
Leech Heals you when standing on blood
Light Stepper Gives you a +2 Perception bonus for detecting traps and secrets
Lightning Rod Aerotheurge 5 Makes you immune to stun
Lone Wolf A character with Lone Wolf can no longer have a companion but receives +80% base vitality, +2 Turn AP, +2 Maximum AP, and an extra ability point when leveling up
Morning Person Body Building 1 When resurrected, you revive to full health
My Precious Every time you hit or get hit, your equipment has a 50% chance to not lose durability
Opportunist Man-at-Arms 1 Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity
Packmule Increases the amount of weight you can carry
Pet Pal Allows you to talk to animals
Picture of Health Man-at-Arms 2 Gives you (5% x Man-at-Arms) extra vitality
Politician Gives +2 Charisma but -1 Intelligence
Quickdraw Expert Marksman 5 Reduces 1 AP from the cost of using ranged weapons
Scientist Gives you +1 Blacksmithing and +1 Crafting
Sidestep Expert Marksman 2 Gives you an extra 10% chance to evade hits
Sidewinder Man-at-Arms 5 Removes your defense penalty when flanked
Speedcreeper Sneaking 1 Allows you to move at normal speed while sneaking
Stand Your Ground Body Building 5 Prevents you from being knocked down
Stench Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25, but melee opponents find you less attractive in combat
Swift Footed Scoundrel 2 Gives you a 20% movement bonus
Thick Skin Man-at-Arms 1 Gives you (5 + 2 x Man-at-Arms) extra base armor
Voluble Mage Willpower 5 Grants you immunity to Muted
Walk It Off Reduces all status durations (including positive ones) by 1 turn
Weather the Storm Man-at-Arms 5 Gives you (5% x Man-at-Arms) extra Magic Resistance
Weatherproof Geomancer 5 Makes you immune to environmental effects
What a Rush Increases your Turn AP and Maximum AP by 2 when your health is below 30%
Zombie Lets you heal from poison but causes damage from regular healing