Quest: Crabs Versus Skeletons

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You'll receive this quest when you approach a dying orc in the Black Cove (#1).


The orc will mutter something about "huge claws" and "bloody claws," and then he'll keel over dead. As you continue to explore the cove, you'll sometimes encounter skeletons, you'll sometimes encounter crabs, and you'll sometimes encounter skeletons fighting crabs. However, all you'll have to do to complete the quest is defeat the skeleton boss Pontius Pirate (#3), who seems to be the source of the trouble.

Pontius will have five lesser skeleton pirates with him, including a Pirate Pyromancer. Pontius will summon more skeletons to replace any that you kill, so focus on him (or keep him stunned or tripped) before mopping up the rest. Also remember that skeletons are more vulnerable to magic and crushing weapons than to slashing or piercing weapons. When Pontius dies, he'll drop some random loot, and you'll earn 1680 xp plus a point of reputation.

Note: To reach Pontius, you'll have to detect the hatch leading down to the Lower part of the cove (Exit B), and you'll have to figure out how to open a large skull door (#2). To see how to do these things, please refer to the Black Cove location entry.

1 - Dying Orc

2 - Skull

3 - Pontius Pirate

  1. Exit to Cyseal North.
  2. Hatch between the Upper and Lower parts of the cove.