Quest: Headless Nick

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You'll receive this quest from the ghost of Lillian on the docks of the Black Cove (#1).


Lillian will tell you that she and her father Nick used to have a travelling act -- Nick as a storyteller and Lillian as comic relief -- but that they were picked up by Pontius and his pirates, who not only killed them but lopped off Nick's Head as well. Lillian will then ask you to look for Nick's Head and return it to her.

While you're exploring Cyseal City, you'll stumble upon a stage act by Reginald (#2), where he'll advertise having "the Amazing Singing Stefan, Cyseal's only sentient severed head." Stefan is Nick, but you won't be able to do anything with him while Reginald and his audience are around. To clear everybody away, you'll need to complete the quest Warming the Crowd.

When you eventually get to talk to Stefan-Nick, he'll tell you that he sort of likes where he is now, and that Lillian should be fine without him. This will give you a choice between being Altruistic (reputation +2) or Egotistical (bartering +1):
  • If you choose to let Stefan-Nick stay where he is, then when you return to Lillian, she won't be happy about the news, and she and Headless Nick will attack you. You'll earn 1290 xp for defeating them.

  • If you take Nick's Head back to Lillian, then she and Nick will move on, and they'll summon a treasure chest for you as a reward.
Either way, you'll also earn 935 xp at the end of you conversation with Stefan-Nick, and you'll earn an additional 2100 xp when you return to Lillian.

1 - Black Cove

2 - Reginald's Act