Quest: The Undead Scourge

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You'll receive this quest from Captain Aureus in Cyseal City (#1).


Like all the other residents of Cyseal City, you'll be able to ask Aureus about the undead problem in the region. However, unlike everybody else, Aureus will ask you to do something about it, and he'll suggest that you start in Cyseal West where the undead creatures appear to be the weakest. If you continue to talk to Aureus, then he should give you three more quests -- Legionnaires at the Church (church), The Lost Archeologist (burial mounds), and The Scaredy Pact (lighthouse) -- representing the three places where the undead might be coming from.

When you eventually make your way towards the church, you'll run into two legionnaires named Blossius and Livia (#2), who were a part of the expedition sent to the church, and who were killed and turned into skeletons before they could get there. Blossius will warn you that necromancers and undead creatures can be found in the church, and that worse can be found in the church courtyard, making the church your main priority. Discovering this information will earn you 840 xp.

At the entrance to the church, you'll encounter four Granite Guardians (#3). They won't think much of you, and so you'll have to beat them in a rock-paper-scissors mini-game to prove that you're worthy. If you succeed, then they'll let you pass and you'll earn 2100 xp. If you fail, then you'll have to fight them. The guardians are immune to fire damage, earth damage, and piercing damage, but you'll earn over 6000 xp for besting them, and one of them will drop a Stone Sword.

Then inside the church, you'll meet a Hooded Man. He'll reveal that Thelyron is the necromancer behind everything, which will earn you 1080 xp. Then the man will disappear down a staircase, and he'll leave four Young Cultists to deal with you. The cultists shouldn't pose much of a problem. If you have the Small Fireball spell, then it alone might be able to take them all out.

To follow the Hooded Man, you'll have to figure out how to move the altar that is now blocking the staircase. To do this, you'll have to operate the four paintings in the church. Each one will hide a button, and pressing all four buttons will clear the way. This should be straightforward except for the western alcove, which is locked. You'll find the key for the alcove on the floor in the northern part of the church.

The staircase will take you to the Ancient Tomb, where you'll run into a magical barrier with a control panel in front of it. To remove the barrier, you'll need to click on the control panel while holding an Enlightened Amulet, which you can pick up at the end of the quest A Mysterious Murder.

Past the barrier, you discover Zombie Jake standing over Thelyron. Thelyron will immediately admit his deeds -- as part of a bargain he sealed with the Conduit -- and that he even managed to raise King Braccus, the last of the mad source kings. However, Thelyron will tell you that the Conduit was deceiving him, and that he now hopes you can undo the damage he's caused Cyseal. Meanwhile, Jake will reveal that he's been working with the Conduit all along, and that he hopes Braccus will eat you for lunch. At the end of the conversation, Thelyron will die, Jake will disappear, and you'll earn 1080 xp.

In the next room you'll meet Braccus Rex, who is Level 9. After a short conversation, he'll summon Level 8 versions of Diederick the Baron of Bones, the Ghoul-that-Guards-the-Lighthouse, and the Twins-by-Fire-Joined -- who you should already have defeated on Cyseal's surface -- and he'll probably lob a fireball at you for good measure. Braccus is the toughest of the group, so we'd recommend defeating the other bosses first and saving him for last. If you have trouble with the battle, try waiting until you're at least Level 9, and then send water spells at the Twins and Braccus, and fire spells at the Ghoul and Diederick. Summoned creatures are also useful here, since they have a good chance of distracting the bosses.

You'll earn over 12,000 xp for defeating the quartet, and Braccus will drop a bunch of stuff when he dies, including a key and possibly Braccus' Two-Handed Axe. The key will unlock Braccus' "personal belongings" chest, where you'll likely find four or five nice items. You'll also find a Burning Blaze Skillbook by the chest, and when you open the chest you'll trigger a Star Stone, which will heal your party and earn you some xp (and possibly unlock a new portal in the Homestead). Finally, defeating Braccus will update the quest and earn you 1350 xp.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to report in to Captain Aureus in the Legion Headquarters in Cyseal City (#1). When you do, you'll receive 13,500 xp and a point of reputation.

1 - Legion Headquarters

2 - Blossius and Livia

3 - Desecrated Church Entrance