Western Square
Onderon - Western Square

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You've reached the area where Dhagon Ghent lives, which you can find at #9. Your main goal will be to solve Suulio's murder, the one in which Ghent will be the prime suspect. You're to clear his name and then have him arrange a meeting with Master Kavar for you. Other notable interest points include the area between #2 and #3 where you do a lot of the fighting here, the trash heap at #8, 1B-8D, the Droid Merchant at #4, and of course the Iziz Cantina via exit #7. You will be doing a lot of traveling to and from the Cantina in an effort to solve the murder.

1 - Exit

Exit to Merchant Quarter (#13).

2 - Rodian Thugs

Your first time here, a group of Rodian thugs will attempt to collect on your expensive bounty, but will be no match for your party.

3 - Twi'lek Bounty Hunter

After visiting Ghent's residence at #4, this is where you will battle a Twi'lek Bounty Hunter and seven of his pals. It can be quite a battle actually if you manage to separate your party, which is not too difficult considering how spread out the attackers will be. Equip energy shields for each party member if it gets rough and pay attention to their vitality. After the battle, be sure to search the Twi'lek's remains for a Starport Visa. You'll need to see Kiph in the Cantina about making it an "open visa" before being able to give it to anyone, however.

4 - 1B-8D, Droid Merchant

First, use your Repair skill to eventually reset the market values, thereby getting yourself a better deal from his items. Next, buy the HK Droid Processor he has for sale, fairly cheap. Finally, this droid is a key part of the murder investigation you're about to embark on, at #5.

  • a) After talking to Panar about the serving droid's missing head:

    Ask 1B-8D about the serving droid and he'll allow you to buy the remaining parts for 25 credits. It is then suggested to you that you show them to Kiph in the Cantina. See Iziz Cantina (#4b).

    5 - Thug

    Talk to this thug to learn that Dhagon Ghent is being held at the tower in the Merchant Quarter (#7). After exploring Ghent's apartment, you should go there and speak with Riiken.

    6 - Lab Station

    Actually, there isn't much in his apartment except this Lab Station. Well, he does claim to be a doctor of sorts so it makes sense.

    7 - Exit

    Exit to Iziz Cantina (#1). I would suggest waiting to come here until you've been to #5 above and then spoken to Riiken, as you'll be sent here soon anyway.

    8 - Trash Heap & Broken Droid

    After learning of Suulio's murder out by this trash heap from Nikko inside the Cantina, you can come here, search the Broken Droid and find that its head has gone missing. Now it is time to seek out Panar at Iziz Cantina (#9a).

    9 - Dhagon Ghent

    When you finally release Ghent from custody, you will return here to speak with him. After asking a few questions, mention your desire to meet with Kavar. He'll arrange it on one condition: that you first get his encrypted holodisks from Bakkel's gang in the Iziz Cantina (#9b).

  • a) Dark Side Players with Anda's Captain quests:

    On your way to the Cantina you will notice Riiken walking a patrol route here in the Western Square. See Merchant Quarter (#10c) for details.

  • b) After retrieving the holodisks from Bakkel:

    He'll finalize the meeting with Master Kavar and you'll suddenly find yourself in the Cantina talking to him. After the ensuing conversation is cut short by Colonel Tobin, you will be faced with a small battle in the Cantina with Vaklu's thugs. If you are a Dark Side player, Tobin will appear afterwards and conspire with you to support Vaklu, giving you the reason for the thugs as "keeping up appearances." Whether you are Dark or Light Side, Tobin sends several troops after you once you exit the Cantina, mostly at #10.

    After the battle at #10 and entering back into the Merchant Quarter, you'll have the defense turrets on the southern end of the quarter to contend with. You can simply run past them back to the Iziz Spaceport, or attack them for extra experience.

    When back at Iziz Spaceport, find your shuttle and hightail it back to Dxun. The next time you come to Onderon, it will be after you have visited all of the other planets and found all of the other Jedi Masters. Once back, you will settle the Vaklu vs. Talia power struggle once and for all, as well as finalizing your stance on Master Kavar. Congratulations on finishing Dxun and Onderon (well, for now).

    10 - Vaklu Troopers

    After meeting with Kavar and exiting the Cantina, you'll find a large squad of troops in this area to head you off. Don't let the numbers scare you, as they are fairly easy to pick off.