Sith Tomb
Dxun - Sith Tomb

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As you will learn, the Sith are preparing a ritual at #7 and it is up to you to stop them. A difficult battle is coming up but nothing like the one you recently came from. I'd advise exploring every circular dead-end room and grabbing the container contents or experience to be had there. At first you will not be able to open the door leading to #7, so will have to either venture to #5 or #6 to open it. Again, I'd recommend both for at least the experience.

In the long corridors, expect to encounter a few Sith and/or Apprentices every now and again, and a slightly more concentrated number of them at each circular dead-end.

1 - Exit

Exit to Jungle Tomb (#9). Although listed as an exit, you won't actually have to come back here when you are finished.

2 - Sith & Ancient Terminal

This room's entrance is guarded by four Sith and a droid. Defeat them and you can have access to the broken medical droid to their right. Repair it and it will follow you around, attempting to heal your wounds. Use the Ancient Terminal in the center of the room for a puzzle that unlocks the nearby Ancient Box. The correct response is "C" (eba). Grab the contents and head back around to #3.

3 - Droids, Workbench, Dark Energy & Ancient Terminal

Defeat the four droids guarding this room's entrance, collect the items from the containers and use the workbench if you like. Now is a good time, especially if you received a good crystal from #2's Ancient Box.

Activate the Dark Energy near the back of the room. If you're a Light Side character, choose to "control your emotions". You will make a Will save and if you succeed, will gain a temporary +4 to both Strength and Constitution along with (LS Points). If you're a Dark Side character, bask in the power to receive the Force Power "Slow" if you do not already have it, plus (DS Points).

Activate the Ancient Terminal for a puzzle that unlocks the nearby Ancient Box. The answer is: multiply, subtract, add, multiply. (6 * 2) - 8 + 9 * 1. Grab the contents of the box and head on up to #4.

4 - Dark Apprentices & Locked Door

After you defeat the three Apprentices, you'll need a way of unlocking this giant door. Either path to the left or right can do this, but I'd recommend doing both for experience, or at least #6 since it has more.

5 - Trained Boma & Ancient Terminal

Guarding this room are a couple Boma beasts and their masters. When you activate the Ancient Terminal, lower the lever to open the locked door at #4. The Ancient Terminal at #6 can do the same thing.

6 - Dark Energy & Ancient Terminal

Defeat this room's guardians, and activate the Dark Energy at the back of the room. Light Side players should choose to "control your emotions," and gain (LS Points) along with a temporary +4 gain to both Strength and Constitution. Dark Siders should choose to bask in the power to gain the Force Power "Affliction" if you already basked in the Dark Energy at #3 and do not yet have it. You'll also get more (DS Points).

7 - Sith Master & Two Dark Jedi Masters

As you enter, the Sith Master you interrupted will speak to you. If you deny the Dark Side, you'll receive (LS Points), and if you embrace it during the conversation you'll get (DS Points). Either way results in a tough battle. You may wish to defeat the two Dark Jedi Masters one at a time, first. Concentrate all your power on one at a time for the most effective route to victory.

When the fight is over, search the Sith Master's remains for a random high quality crystal, a double-bladed lightsaber & Sith Power Gauntlets. Before you leave, search the back of the room for a sarcophagus. Open it and search the mummified corpse for Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber and more.

Xarga will be waiting at the room's south end to take you back to the Ruins. The next part of your quest lies on Onderon, beginning at the Ruined Merchant Quarter in Iziz.