Res 082 West Redux
Telos - Res 082 West Redux

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Citadel Station is under attack by the Sith. Your main goal is to clear the station of Sith until you reach Entertainment 081's TSF station, then reach that same section's exit to the Docking Module, where you will meet up with your party and find the Ravager. You will encounter many groups of Sith on your way, whether you play the Light or Dark Side.

These areas will be different than when you last were here; almost every side path or room is already destroyed by the Sith, and your path to the Entertainment 081 Module is very linear. Again, expect heavy Sith resistance all throughout the trip.

1 - Arrival

You'll get your mission briefing from Lt. Dol Green. It's simple really. Make your way back to Residential 082 East by using exit #4, then into Entertainment 081 and to its TSF station to clear out the remaining Sith, then finally back to Ent 081's exit to the docking module.

2 - Captain Riiken

If you spared him on Onderon, he's here and can offer you the additional quest to block Sith attempts to sabotage the fuel station. Simply defeat the Sith on your way to the TSF station in Ent 081 and your goal will be complete.

3 - First Sith Resistance

Several Sith Assassins and more will meet you here. When they are finished, proceed to the exit at #4.

4 - Exit

Exit to Res 082 East Redux (#1).