Jungle Landing
Dxun - Jungle Landing

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Welcome to Onderon's moon. You'll have to complete a series of events here before actually making it to Onderon. First is making it to the exit at #6 to the Jungle. Kreia recommends exploring the area and to get to Onderon, you'll have to do just that. However, this Jungle Landing is pretty straight forward.

There are several types of animals here on Dxun. They include the abundant boarish cannoks, the cougar-like maalraas, and the tougher boma beasts (in two varieties - young and adult). You'll find several of these here in the Jungle Landing as you make your way to #6.

1 - Exit

Exit to Ebon Hawk (#1).

2 - Mandalorian Guide

The guide will be here only after you've used him to travel from the Mandalorian camp back here to your ship. He'll also remain here to take you back to camp any time you wish.

3 - Atton Interrupts

You'll get a message here from Atton about an unknown ship coming to the moon, likely to search for you.

4 - Crash Site & Console

Search inside the bunker made by this crashed ship to find a console. Repair it and view the camera on each of three droids. Two of them can be overloaded for experience.

5 - Dezanti, Bounty Hunter

Along with Dezanti, there will be two more thugs ready to collect on your head. Whichever conversation choices you use, it will result in a fight. When they're gone, search the remains and head to the exit at #6.

6 - Exit

Exit to Jungle (#1).