Shyrack Cave
Korriban - Shyrack Cave

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If you're not yet strongly aligned with the light or dark side, you still may wish to clear out the cave and leave Korriban, even though you won't be admitted to the optional Secret Tomb at #5. You can expect to find many groups of shyracks, shyrack wyrms and deadly tuk'ata here in the caves, especially at #3. Explore the area, gain experience from the creatures and collect the few items off corpses and in containers on your way to the Secret Tomb.

1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of Dark Lords (#4).

2 - Ceramic Jar

Search the jar in this area for a potentially nice lightsaber upgrade, or not since the items in the game are random.

3 - Many Shyrack Wyrms & Deadly Tuk'ata

All along this vertical area you'll find the beasts. Be careful but have fun as the intensity rises.

4 - Bridge, Sith Assassins

When you reach #4, you'll be ambushed by several cloaked Sith Assassins.

5 - Exit

Exit to Secret Tomb (#1). Once again, you can only enter the tomb if you've established a clear dominance on either the light or dark side of the force, and when you do, you leave your companions here at the entrance. If you're unable, simply come back at a later time when you are.