Bumani Exchange
Telos - Bumani Exchange

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Your main goal of course is the confrontation with Loppak Slusk, Exchange Boss, on behalf of either Czerka or the Ithorians. Whether you let him live or not is up to you and your objectives.

1 - Exit

Exit to Residential 082 East (#5).

2 - Vula, Receptionist

Your first time, here, she'll ask you what you intent is. You can persuade/lie to her that there must be some glitch with the system to avoid a fight, otherwise, she will deftly alert the several Gamorrean Thugs & Boss at #3 of your presence. When you open the door, they will then attack.

3 - Gamorrean Thugs & Boss

If you persuaded the receptionist at #2 (see above), they'll leave you alone and disappear after your confrontation with Slusk. However, you'll do battle with them if this is not the case. Concentrate your party on one thug at a time.

4 - Captive Ithorian

Talk to the Ithorian through the Force Cage, and he'll mention a console that can free him. It's at #8 below. Releasing him will not gain you any (LS Points), though it should.

5 - Benok

When you open the door, Benok will have a few words and then attack along with his companions. Concentrate all your party on him first, as he's very annoying when left alone. Then take out the remaining thugs. Benok leaves behind Benok's Blaster, a decent firearm and probably better than what you currently have. When you're through, use the Lab Station to prepare for a possible very difficult battle coming up, depending on how you play it.

6 - Gamorrean Boss

Talk to the (surprisingly) non-hostile Boss to initiate an attack from two war droids that Slusk sends in immediately afterward. After this battle, you'll be immediately escorted into the next room and begin conversation. See below.

7 - Loppak Slusk, Exchange Boss

When conversation begins, you of course will be already aligned with either Czerka or the Ithorians. Luxa will then enter the room and you'll be presented with some choices. Even should you side with her, Luxa will turn on you, so in order to avoid battle with everyone at once, the safe thing to do would be not to mention killing them both.

  • a) If you're Light Side, or supporting the Ithorians:

    Tell Luxa you refuse to kill Slusk. She will turn on you and you'll do battle. It's a difficult battle with the Gamorreans, their Boss and Luxa, but shouldn't pose too much a problem. Focus all your power on one enemy at a time for the safest route to killing them all. When it's over, Loppak will try and shrug your request off, but can be persuaded to see what happened to Luxa. This will keep him alive, but he'll end with a threat. You can choose to kill him as well. When you're finished, search all the bodies and containers in the room for items, optionally release the Ithorian using the console at #8, and if you've sided with the Ithorians, head back to Chodo at Residential 082 West (#4b) to continue his quests.

  • b) If you're Dark Side, or supporting Czerka:

    You can threaten to Luxa that both of them will die, in which case the whole room will be against you, and you'll have the toughest battle you've yet fought. Or, you can kill Slusk for Luxa and then watch as she turns on you and you're forced to kill her. Of course, you can also refuse to kill Slusk as I recommended for Light Side players, do battle with Luxa and then kill Slusk. Either way, when it's over, search the bodies and containers for items, release the captive Ithorian from the console at #8 if you wish (probably not I'm guessing), and if you're working for Czerka, prepare for a surprise attack when you get to the offices. See Czerka Offices (#2b) to continue.