The Ebon Hawk
The Ebon Hawk

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Once you depart from the Secret Academy in Telos for the first time, the galaxy opens up and you'll have four planets to choose from using the galaxy map at #2: Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine and Korriban.

If you're male, the first time boarding after the Secret Academy, you'll find the Handmaiden onboard. Your party will react strongly to her presence, but you can score some influence with her by supporting her.

When you re-enter the Ebon Hawk and your alignment is strongly toward the Light or Dark side, you'll do battle with Visas Marr. After you defeat her (which is not overly difficult), she will become another party member.

Several on board have the capability of creating items for you, if you've found them of course:

  • T3-M4 creates programming spikes if you are low
  • Mira creates grenades, and if persuaded, can create more powerful grenades if low.
  • Mandalore creates stimulants if low.
  • G0-T0 creates security tunnelers if low.
  • Disciple creates healing pacs if low.

    There is only one quest-related event here. In Nar Shaddaa, if you're doing battle with the Red Eclipse, see #3a.

    1 - Exit

    Exit to:

  • Telos, Dock Module (#11)
  • Dxun (by selecting Onderon on the map), Jungle Landing (#1)
  • Nar Shaddaa, Refugee Landing Pad (#1)
  • Dantooine, Khoonda Plains (#1)
  • Korriban, Valley of Dark Lords (#1)

  • 2 - Atton & Galaxy Map

    From the Galaxy Map after Telos, you can choose either Citadel Station on Telos, Onderon (Dxun), Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine and Korriban. The links at #1, or the first link the appropriate section in the walkthrough can take you to the correct location. You can also talk to Atton.

    3 - Console & Red Disciple Leader

    You can use the console here to check the cameras positioned in different areas of the Ebon Hawk.

  • a) During the Red Eclipse Attack:

    You're goal will be to find Cahhmakt, the leader of the Red Eclipse, in this room. He is strong and can be difficult with all the other slavers nearby, but as soon as you get near him, he'll open up dialogue with you. If you can persuade him to obey, he'll leave and the battle will be over. Afterward, you can visit the cantina and collect an occasional sum of money from the Red Eclipse slaver. However, if you choose to fight, throw all you can at him including force powers, grenades, etc. if possible.

    4 - Mira & HK-47

    After Mira (from Nar Shaddaa) becomes a party member, you'll find her here. She can create grenades for the party and if persuaded, more powerful grenades. Before you fix up HK-47, he'll be here waiting for the new parts.

    5 - G0-T0 & Mandalore

    When you've got G0-T0 (from Nar Shaddaa) and Mandalore (from Onderon) in your party, you can find them here. G0-T0 can make security tunnelers and Mandalore creates stimulants.

    6 - Disciple

    If you're main character is female and you recruited Disciple on Dantooine, you'll find him here. He can provide healing pacs.

    7 - Kreia

    You'll find Kreia here in the port dormitory.

    8 - Handmaiden

    If you're a male character, this is where you'll find the Handmaiden after departing Telos for the first time, despite any other offer you give her. If you ask her to teach you her Echani technique, and win the fight, she'll teach you Battle Precognition, which allows you to add your Wisdom modifier to your defense.

    9 - Engine Room

    You'll most often find T3-M4 here. If not, try the communications room at #3. The droid can make programming spikes if you're low.

    10 - Workbench, Bao-Dur & HK-47

    Using the Workbench here, you can upgrade any of your items (regardless of which character they are equipped on), as opposed to anywhere else, where you will only see what items are in your current party. You'll also find Bao-Dur (with Remote) and HK-47 if you've fixed him.

    11 - Visas

    This is where Visas will be, after you've shifted strongly to one side of the force or the other. After your battle, she'll join the party.