Harbinger: Engine Deck
Harbinger - Engine Deck

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Your main goal on this rather small and quick level is to make it through the exit at #6 back to the Fuel Depot, and from there, escape to the Hangar and eventually to the Ebon Hawk. You're almost out!.

1 - Exit

Exit to Crew Quarters (#6).

2 - Sion Sighting

As soon as you step across the threshold of this door, an event will trigger. Kreia will meet the impending doom and thus remove herself from your party for a brief time.

3 - Workbench

This workbench may come in handy. You still have many droids to destroy on your way out, so consider upgrading with ion enhancements.

4 - Console

From this console, you must open the maintenance doors to the Ion Engines to proceed to the next waypoint.

5 - Console

Use this console to activate the engine maintenance procedure, and thus unlock the door to the fuel depot ahead.

6 - Exit

Exit to Fuel Depot (#12). As soon as you step through the previous door, you'll see another cutscene with Kreia and Sion. On the other side of the exit is the Fuel Depot and a lost friend. Your time on the Harbinger is at an end.