Entertainment Promenade
Nar Shaddaa - Entertainment Promenade

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The Entertainment Promenade is an optional area except when it comes to Atton's battle at #12. However, it is highly recommended you deal with Kallah-Nah at #2 and pay her the 2k credits to be recognized by the Exhange, as well as doing a little dancing for Vogga the Hutt at #11. Before you come here, I'll recommend you head to the Docks to pick up Vogga's Hoard quest if you haven't already done so.

1 - Exit

Exit to Refugee Landing Pad (#15).

2 - Kallah-Nah

Talking to Kallah-Nah has three benefits. One is that you can gain the password to the Pazaak Den after you've been to the #4 Door Guard to find out there indeed is a password. Two is that you can find out your current standing with the Exchange. Since your ultimate goal is to gain notoriety with them, this can be valuable information. Third, talk to her about your standing and offer to pay her 2000 credits to increase it significantly (either for or against them, it makes no difference). This will reduce the amount of quests or events you'll need to participate in before the Red Eclipse takes over your ship and Nar Shaddaa's ending is put into motion.

3 - Twik'gar the Hoodlum

He'll ask you to tell Geredi in the Pazaak Den at #5 that his friends are outside waiting for him. While you can be mean to Twik'gar, you cannot provoke a fight as a Dark Sider. Telling Geredi about these "friends" results in (DS Points) but is a good way for a Dark Sider to get rid of Geredi, one of the three people you'll need to beat in Pazaak to play the Champ.

4 - Door Guard

He won't let you into the Pazaak Den unless you know the password. Afterward, talk to Kallah-Nah at #2, ask her about the area, and then the password to learn it.

5 - Geredi

There are three Pazaak players preventing you from bringing the "Champ" out of retirement with your amazing play, and winning her ultimate Pazaak card. One of them is Geredi. You can either beat him three times legitimately or tell him about his friends at #3. See the link for details. Either way, he will be out of the picture, leaving only two others you'll need to take care of.

6 - Dahnis

If Atton is in your party, he will play a game of Pazaak vs. Dahnis and by virtue of his charm, she will lose to him in order to flirt. If you choose to play her in Pazaak, you will need to win a few games before she concedes you are the better and gives up. Two down, one to go, at #7.

7 - S4-C8

Using a party member with the Computer skill, you can convince the droid to let you have a look, then alter its programming so that it is no longer addicted to the game. It will then decide it's time to quit, and if you've already defeated or taken out the two other competitors, the Champ will come out of retirement at #8 to challenge you. Otherwise, you'll have to beat S4-C8 traditionally.

8 - The Champ

The Champ will meet you here only if you've taken out the three contenders here at #5, 6 and 7. The Champ, if defeated or otherwise convinced to lose, has the best Pazaak card in the game, the "Tiebreaker" +/- 1. You can either beat the Champ three times legitimately (which is incredibly difficult) or persuade the Champ that winning every time must be boring. She will counter that it is not, but you'll have to respond with "Really?" a few times. She will eventually admit that it is less fun and will agree to lose, handing her Tiebreaker card over to you as well. Beating the Champ gains you significant notoriety with the Exchange.

In fact, it is possible to gain enough notice to begin the Red Eclipse attack without ever setting foot in the Refugee Quad, if you pay Kallah-Nah her 2k as well and explore elsewhere as much as you can.

9 - Vogga Thugs

If you use Stealth and walk up to these characters, you'll overhear them talking about Goto, which will update your journal that mentioning Goto to Vogga is a good way to get his attention. As it happens, Vogga mentions Goto automatically, and it is therefore not needed to do this.

10 - Bartender

He will sell you the juma juice you need for the Vogga's Hoard quest, provided you picked it up (recommended) at the Docks. You can persuade him to give it to you for free.

11 - Domo, Dancer Trainer

Before you approach him, it's recommended you have already been to the Docks (#3) to pick up Vogga's Hoard quest, as once you dance for Vogga, that opportunity will pass. As you approach him, you'll hear him complaining of his dancers and that he needs a replacement. If you are playing a female character, or if the Handmaiden is in your party (Visas will not oblige), you can offer your services and find yourself in Vogga the Hutt's room at Docks (#9). See the link for details.

12 - Atton vs. Twin Suns

After receiving the invitation from Visquis to come to Jekk Jekk Tarr, and being made temporarily unconscious by Mira, the scene will shift here, to Atton about to relax at the cantina. Unfortunately, his plans are cut short when the Twin Suns' Twi'lek's appear and attack.

This battle is perhaps the most difficult in the game if you play it straight and don't run away. However, Atton's specialty is with ranged weapons, and so make sure to have your best equipped at the beginning of the battle. Also equip and activate a melee shield and all three types of stimulants. The easiest place to hide is behind the table in the corner in the southernmost part of the room. If you press yourself all the way back, the Twin Suns will not attempt to get at you and will instead stand on the opposite side, watching you as you shoot them until they finally fall.

If you're doing this the straight way, run from one end to the other in the cantina, tossing an adhesive grenade if able, and waiting until they both draw their own ranged weapons and fire on you. At least now, you're on better than even ground; you likely didn't stand a chance toe to toe. Activate an energy shield and go to town on them with your superior ranged capabilities.

After the battle is over, you won't have the chance to loot their bodies, and will take control of Mira at Jekk Jekk Tarr (#1). See the link to continue.