Khoonda Plains
Dantooine - Khoonda Plains

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Your main goal on Dantooine is of course to find the Jedi Master Vrook, his name given to you by T3-M4. To do that, you'll need to first get permission from Administrator Adare inside Khoonda (the old Matale Estate from the first game) to venture into the Enclave Sublevel as a salvager and see what you can find. While there, you'll meet the Disciple who will give you details about Master Vrook and when you finally find him, learn of the imminent mercenary attack on Khoonda. You can then help the mercs (Dark Side) or defend Khoonda (Light Side) as the last thing you do on Dantooine.

1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). As soon as you step off from the Ebon Hawk, Dillan gives you a heads up on the happenings of the area, if you inquire. After your conversation, she leaves the landing pad area and you can then find her near the exit/entrance to Khoonda at #4.

2 - Pato Ado, Pazaak Shark & Merchant

You can buy cards from him or play a game of high stakes Pazaak for 250+ credits a game. Win enough games from him, and he'll offer you a random rare armor upgrade on subsequent wins.

3 - Akkere, Droid Merchant

Apart from being a droid merchant, he also sells the HK Control Cluster, useful to restore HK-47 if you did not already pick it up on Telos. Later, when preparing for an attack on Khoonda, if you search one of the defense droids in the droid station at Khoonda (#10), you'll come across a hydrospanner belonging to him. Return it, confront him about stripping the parts for resale, and you can ask him to join the militia as payment. You may also blackmail and/or turn him in.

Akkere also has Thorium Charges, useful for two spots in the game, one on Dxun and one on Korriban. After finding his hydrospanner and confronting him, you can either kill him for them, or buy them when asking him to join the militia (not worth it IMO).

4 - Exit

Exit to Khoonda (#1). Standing next to the door is Dillan, who you can recruit if you're trying to get others to join the local militia later.

5 - ExitS

to Khoonda (#12) by using the north door, and to Khoonda (#9) by using the eastern garage door... from the inside.

  • a) If defending Khoonda from the mercs prior to the attack:

    After accepting the quest from Zherron, head to the northern security door and lock it down tight to complete Zherron's objective. You can also open it using programming spikes to loot the massive amounts of items inside at Khoonda (#13). Opening it is my advice, regardless whether you are playing Light or Dark.

  • b) If siding with the mercs prior to the attack:

    After siding with Azkul, head to the northern security door, open it, enter and loot the huge array of items and weapons inside at Khoonda (#13). This will allow the mercs better access to Khoonda.

    6 - Saedhe & Crash Site

    He's looking for lost atmospheric sensors. Head into the Crystal Cave at Crystal Cave (#2) and search the rubble near the entrance. You'll find three sensors. If Bao-Dur is in your party, he will open them and you'll learn of the surveillance by Zherron.

  • a) After you have the atmospheric sensors:

    If you previously talked with Berun Modrul, Zherron's second in command in Khoonda, he's looking for evidence against Zherron. You can either turn these into Administrator Adare and have Zherron replaced, or give them to Saedhe for a sizeable reward of 3,000 credits, 4,000 with persuade. Whether you're light or dark side I'd recommend selling them to Saedhe, as it turns out Zherron's got good reason for surveillance and Berun Modrul is actually wrong about him.

    7 - Exit

    Exit to Crystal Cave (#1). I'd recommend against coming here until you speak with Zherron inside Khoonda for a quest, and Saedhe at #6.

    8 - Exit

    Exit to Jedi Courtyard (#1). If you've been roughly following the walkthrough's order, then after the Crystal Cave and returning to Saedhe for a reward, you can take this exit to the Courtyard on your way to the Enclave.

    9 - Exit

    Jedi Courtyard (#3).

    10 - Azkul, Mercenary Leader

    Azkul will only be here after you've been to the Jedi Enclave and subsequently, the Crystal Cave.

  • a) After Vrook:

    As soon as you exit, Azkul will be waiting here with a group of mercenaries. For influence with Kreia and a good option for both Dark & Light Side players, lie that you'll be back after helping him prepare for his attack. Beware if this is your first planet. If you do not lie and go against Azkul, you'll face your toughest battle yet, that of six tough mercenaries at once. If on the other hand this is not your first planet after Telos, you likely have nothing to worry about from them, but be cautious.

    If you bluntly say you aren't helping him, save your game the moment battle starts and then equip melee shields and stimulants on all your party members. Toss a few grenades at the mercs and enter melee. Use every combat option that will help in the battle, as you'll likely need it if fresh from Telos.

  • b) Helping Azkul (Dark Side):

    Note: after sabotaging the Khoonda defenses, if you come back to Azkul and tell him to begin the invasion, you will immediately fight Jedi Master Vrook. If this is your first planet, he can be extremely difficult without a way to sipher his energy bit by bit. Fortunately, when you fight him there are ways to stop, heal and recover. Also, if you want to help Azkul but not fight Master Vrook right now, simply sabotage the area and then talk to Zherron in Khoonda, who's now standing by Adare. Tell him you're ready to finalize battle plans, and subsequently, when battle begins, tell Azkul it doesn't matter whether Adare lives or dies. Then you will not have a battle with Vrook, unless of course you already did in the Crystal Cave. In that case it makes no difference; you're fighting Vrook regardless of who you side with. Now on with his quests.

    He'll want a couple things done before the invasion: sabotage the defense turrets and disarm the mines. You can find the defense turret control console inside Khoonda at Khoonda (#8). Simply program it to fire on the militia (or deactivate it if already activated) and your goal is complete. Second, disarm the mines at #11 and #12. This will make it easier for more mercenaries to break through the defense. Additionally, you can reprogram the droids using the console in the Khoonda (#10) droid storage area to support the mercenaries.

    When preparations are made, as mentioned above, either return to Azkul and tell him he can begin his invasion or tell Zherron. If you return to Azkul, you'll find yourself at Khoonda (#15) battling Jedi Master Vrook. See the link for details. And if you tell Zherron, see Khoonda (#4c).

    11 - Mines

    These will only be here after you've met with Vrook. If you're Light Side and helping the militia against the mercs, add a few mines to the others here when you are preparing Khoonda's defense. If you're Dark Side, disarm them for the mercenaries.

    12 - Mines

    These will only be here after you've met with Vrook. If you're Light Side and helping the militia against the mercs, add a few mines to the others here when you are preparing Khoonda's defense. If you're Dark Side, disarm them for the mercenaries.