Peragus - Dormitories

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Your main goal here is to escape through the locked exit at #10. In order to accomplish that, you'll need to put together a puzzle from datapad snippets, and when ready, use the console at #9 to solve the puzzle. Or, simply blow up the console to open the door for less xp.

1 - Exit

Exit to Asteroid Exterior (#3).

2 - Workbench

Use your plasma torch if need be on the locked door to utilize this workbench. Install any Ion upgrades to your vibroblade if you have them.

3 - Fire Turrets

One on each side. Use Stun Droid series or your vibroblade if possible to take them out. On the opposite side of the level, before #5, there are two more fire turrets just like these.

4 - Console

Stop and utilize this console, then continue on to #5 before entering the east and west dormitories on the north side.

5 - Containers & Droids

Search all containers here and destroy the droids for a miner's datapad with information about a hidden cache of weapons. Now backtrack and take the east dormitory to the #6 console.

6 - Console

You can shut down the ventilation system with enough computer spikes, or simply use a breath mask to avoid the poison from the gas. Even if you are poisoned, it does not do very much damage, so you should be safe regardless. Search all of the bodies on the floor for their datapads - you'll need them later - and every room for items.

7 - Hidden Cache

The door to this room is locked tight. You'll need demolitions skill and a mine to open it up. If you manage to get it open and have found the miner's datapad at #5, you can search the hidden cache for items.

8 - Console

Search the entire west wing of the dormitory here, including bodies on the floor and rooms as you did in the east wing, then use this console. Examine all of the datapads you received to begin to put together a sequence of numbers required for the override code to the turbolift at #9. With enough Intelligence, the code is automatically given to you, or at least a hint. The correct code is 7, 5, 13, 17, 3. Each dot represents a 1 in Roman Numeral notation, each dash a 10, and each X a 5. When finished with the logs, head to the console at #9.

9 - Console & Bodies

After relieving the bodies of their items, including Coorta's, use the console. Either destroy it or enter the code above for more experience and access to the turbolift back to Administration.

10 - Exit

Exit to Administration Level (#4). See #4a.