Iziz Spaceport
Onderon - Iziz Spaceport

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Onderon is rife with a struggle between Queen Talia (Light Side) and General Vaklu (Dark Side), and you will be caught in the middle. Your ultimate goal on Onderon is to find Jedi Master Kavar. Mandalore has a contact named Dhagon Ghent who may be able to get you an audience, but as it turns out, Ghent is wanted for murder and it's up to you to first solve the mystery and free Ghent.

Once Mandalore flies you to Onderon, there is no going back to the Ebon Hawk until you find Kavar, which means you're stuck here for the time being. One of the main themes you'll come across here is that of escaping the planet, and you'll come across several people who will want the two Starport Visas that you acquire here.

1 - Exit

Exit to Mandalorian Ruins (#10). As mentioned above, you will only be able to leave after your business here of meeting Kavar has been settled.

2 - Port Master

This man will stop you briefly and offer you your own coveted open Starport Visa. He reminds you to keep it safe. During your travels here you'll come across two more and it will be up to you to choose who to give them to for either Light Side or Dark Side points and perhaps credits or other types of payment.

3 - News Hologram

Repeatedly activate this terminal to catch up on the latest news around the area.

4 - Margar, Merchant

Here is a typical merchant of general goods and necessities.

5 - Beast-Rider

You can learn a little lore about Onderon from this man. After your conversation, as you try and leave one of the beasts breaks loose from its cage and attacks. When you defeat it, the beast-rider offers his apologies and a reward (that turns out to be 1,000 credits if you threaten him). You can refuse the reward for (LS Points) and likewise take it and threaten him for (DS Points).

6 - Checkpoint Guard

This guard stops you to inquire about your business. You can tell him anything, it does not matter. Even the truth that you are a Jedi has no consequence, as regardless of your response, you will later get attacked by a Rodian bounty hunter at Western Square (#2).

7 - Exit

Exit to Merchant Quarter (#1).