Secret Academy
Telos - Secret Academy

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Finally, you're almost off this rock. All that's left is to rescue T3-M4 at #2, fetch your party members who are being held prisoner at #3, spar a little with the Handmaidens at #4, and fly away in the Ebon Hawk at #5. What's #6 you ask? Why, you'll be coming back before the end to have a few words with Atris.

1 - Arrival

After taking the elevator down from the Polar Plateau, you arrive to speak with Atris. When the reveling in your past is finished, you are left here to speak with a Handmaiden (as opposed to "the" Handmaiden), who can fill you in on your surroundings. You'll not need to worry about any battles here that you do not ask for, so relax and head up toward #2 to rescue T3-M4.

2 - T3-M4, Workbench & Lab Station

An opportunity to gain influence with T3-M4 presents itself here, if you're nice. When the conversation is finished, I'd recommend taking this opportunity to upgrade your personal weapons as much as possible, since you're two steps away from deciding whether you want to do a fun non-lethal side quest for experience.

3 - Your Party

Another opportunity to gain influence with Bao-Dur is here, if you're kind to him. Release them from the force cages and continue to #4.

4 - Training Room

After searching every side room here for fairly good random items, talk to the nearby Handmaiden. In dialogue, say that you wish to fight her. She'll accept the offer to "teach" you, and you'll end up here in the middle of the room, ready to take her on in hand-to-hand. In any battle, do not step off the mat or you are disqualified and have to ask for a re-match. The best reason for having your party members here at this point is that Kreia can help heal you faster in between matches if she has that skill.

  • a) Handmaiden 1st Battle:

    You'll fight alone vs. one Handmaiden. No weapons, body armor, force powers or items can be used. Feats, however, can be, so if you have Master Flurry by now, I would recommend using it. I always found these hand-to-hand battles very tough with a consular. A guardian is more likely to win. Heal up and talk to her again after your victory to begin the next challenge.

  • b) Handmaiden 2nd Battle:

    To me, this battle is easier, and still vs. one Handmaiden. You're allowed to use weapons, but no armor, powers or items. Again, after a victory, heal up then talk to her again for another challenge.

  • c) Handmaiden 3rd Battle:

    Finally, you're allowed to use all your powers, items and armor vs. one Handmaiden. Win, heal up and ask for yet another challenge.

  • d) Handmaiden 4th Battle:

    It's now getting a little tougher (for me because I wanted to conserve on medpacs). It's you and all your powers vs. two Handmaidens. Win, heal and ask for the final challenge. You'll have to goad her into it by attacking their pride, but she'll finally accept.

  • e) Handmaiden Final Battle:

    You and all your powers vs. five Handmaidens. This one can be tough, especially if you lack a multi-affecting offensive spell like the Dark Side Lightning. If you have one, it's much, much easier. Begin by using all three stimulant types to increase your stats. Next turn on your melee shield if you have one. Then use your grenades for an easier time since they affect more than one person. Finally follow up with your powers and attack. After victory, you're awarded 750xp. Not quite what I had hoped for either, but at least it was fun.

    5 - Exit

    Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). If you're following the walkthrough, make your next selection from the galaxy map the planet Onderon.

    6 - Atris of the Jedi Council

    On your first visit, you won't be allowed access to her room. On your second, after the Jedi Enclave near the end of the game, you'll be teleported back to the Secret Academy to face her. No matter your choices at first, you and her will do battle. She can hit for quite a lot but also goes down easily as well. When it's over, you'll have the chance to try and save her (or finish her) and ask her all about Kreia. Saving her surprisingly does not gain you (LS Points), but it is the Light Side thing to do.

    After the conclusion, you'll find yourself at Res 082 West Redux (#1) talking with Lt. Dol Grenn about the Sith attack on the station.