Harbinger: Crew Quarters
Harbinger - Crew Quarters

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Your main goal here is to make it to the Engine Deck through the exit at #6. I've numbered the important stops along the way. Several more ambushes await you on this level.

1 - Exit

Exit to Command Deck (#5).

2 - Your Room

When you pass the door to this room, you sense that it was yours, and feel the need to go on in. Open the door and open a footlocker to discover an armband of your name, which is a handy item throughout much of the game.

3 - Med Lab Console

Welcome to the large med lab. Search all the containers along the walls, hop in a Kolto Tank if you want, and review the data on the console. There's a divider on the south side of the room that you may mistake for a wall (as I did my first time), but you can go around it to the southern half of the lab to #4, a similar setting.

4 - Medical Droid & Containers

Search the remaining containers and fix the Medical Droid to follow you around if you wish.

5 - Droid Storage

Open this door to find several droids, and one in particular that had a small part to play in HK-50's reign of the Mining Facility. Interesting.

6 - Exit

Exit to Engine Deck (#1).