Iziz Cantina
Onderon - Iziz Cantina

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Your main goal here is to solve the murder of Suulio. Dhagon Ghent is the prime suspect, and you'll be dealing with Kiph at #4, Nikko at #7 and Panar at #9 to try and clear his name and release him from custody. You can also enjoy Swoop Racing at #8 and Pazaak with Nikko at #4. Several people here are also asking for open Starport Visas, namely at #2, #5 and #6.

1 - Exit

Exit to Western Square (#7).

2 - Gormo

This Captain needs a Starport Visa and can give you 500 credits for one.

3 - Captain Gelesi

The Captain will only be here if you are a Dark Side character on Anda's quest from the Merchant Quarter. See Merchant Quarter (#10b) for more details.

4 - Kiph, Slicer

If you've found the Twi'lek Bounty Hunter's Starport Visa in the Western Square on your way to Riiken, tilt the conversation toward his slicing abilities, and for 500 credits, he'll make yours into an Open one. Kiph is also a witness in the Suulio murder and is the first person you'll want to talk to about it.

  • a) Investigating Suulio's murder, looking for clues:

    Ask Kiph about Suulio's murder, and he'll mention they were having an argument the night of, thereby establishing a motive. Now you'll want to pay a visit to Nikko at #7a for the next step in the investigation.

  • b) After 1B-8D sells you the serving droid's missing parts:

    Show them to Kiph to fix, and you'll witness what actually happened near the trash heap outside. It looks like the murderer came from the Merchant Quarter. Now show the evidence to Nikko at #7b.

    5 - Sakarie

    For Dark Siders, sell Sakarie one of your open Starport Visas. You will receive the high quality Dark Side only Qixoni Crystal, a weapon or 5,000 credits, your choice. This will net you substantial (DS Points).

    6 - Xaart, Rebel Spy

    Xaart is a rebel spy who needs a Starport Visa. Giving him one results in significant (LS Points).

    7 - Nikko, Ghent's Friend & Pazaak Shark

    Along with playing Pazaak for 250 credits per game, Nikko is another major witness in the Ghent/Suulio murder mystery. You'll want to talk to him about the murder only after first seeing Kiph.

  • a) After establishing Ghent's motive with Kiph:

    Ask Nikko about the Suulio murder and tell him what Ghent said, that they were arguing. He'll tell you that they were friends and that it was common enough for them to do. He'll then mention that Suulio died near the trash heap outside. Mandalore suggests that it may be worth investigating. Proceed to Western Square (#8) and search the Broken Droid there.

  • b) After Kiph repairs the parts from 1B-8D:

    Show Nikko the new evidence and you'll find yourself at Merchant Square with both Riiken and Nikko to present your case for Ghent's release. See Merchant Quarter (#7b) for the conclusion of the quest.

    8 - Qimtiq, Swoop Race Coordinator

    Each race costs 100 credits, but winning can get you 500, 2,000 or 5,000 credits depending on which heat you win. You can also persuade him to give you 500 additional credits on each race that you win.

    9 - Panar & Bakkel

    At first, Panar stands here, and later, after releasing Ghent and agreeing to find his holodisks, this is where you'll find Bakkel.

  • After searching the trash heap outside:

    Speak with Panar about the droid's missing head and he'll refer you to 1B-8D at Western Square (#4a), your next destination. See the link for details.

  • After freeing Ghent and agreeing to retrieve his encrypted holodisks:

    You will find Bakkel and several thugs here. Regardless of your conversation choices, you'll end up battling them all. It's not a particularly tough battle, but be careful of Bakkel. Search her remains for an open Starport Visa (no need to pay Kiph to slice it), and the encrypted holodisks.

    Now would be a good opportunity to give one of your open Starport Visas away to someone in the Cantina before returning to Ghent. Dark Side players will probably want Sakarie at #5 and Light Side players can't go wrong with Xaart at #6. The other opportunities are of course back at the Merchant Quarter. Return to Dhagon Ghent when finished. See Western Square (#9b) for the details.