Entertainment 081
Telos - Entertainment 081

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Entertainment 081 houses the Cantina, in which you can play Pazaak, Swoop Race and meet up with your contact at the Exchange, after you get the quest. It's also the home to the TSF office, where your main source of bonus quests comes from, Lt. Grenn. At the beginning, be sure to pick up your gear from the TSF office at #10.

1 - Exit

Exit to Residential 082 East (#3).

2 - Dendis, Moral Merchant

Dendis has a rivalry with his brother across the room, Samhan. He sells healing items and Pazaak cards.

3 - Samhan Dobo, Immoral Merchant

Dendis' brother Samhan deals in fine weapons and armor, and does a bit of illegal smuggling on the side. In fact, come see him after you get the modified blaster from escorting the Droid to either Czerka or the Ithorians, and he'll ask if you want to be a part of the business.

  • a) Light Side characters with the modified weapon from the Escort Droid quest:

    See Samhan and ask to be a part of his business. Then go tell Lt. Grenn in the TSF office about the smuggling operation to end the illicit activity and receive a reward. You can tell Lt. Grenn at any point, even should you decide to take on some of the quests, but beware that they contain Dark Side points.

  • b) Dark Side characters with the modified weapon from the Escort Droid quest:

    See Samhan and ask to be a part of his business. His first task is taking a sample from the rare Bachani plant located in the Ithorians' Vivarium at their compound, at Residential 082 West (#5). When entering the Vivarium, you can use the console to deactivate the security system for a spike cost, or you can simply take it from the plant. When the Ithorian protests, you can persuade/lie that Grenn authorized it, or simply take it. The Ithorian may threaten to call the authorities but it's only talk; he does nothing. When you've got the sample, return to Samhan for a reward, and your next assignment, #3c below.

  • c) Smuggling Mission 2:

    Samhan wants a Prototype Shield from Hangar Bay 2 storage area at Dock Module (#8). When you persuade the Ithorian at the entrance to Hangar #2 to let you in, enter the storage area. Another Ithorian will try and prevent you from taking the shield. You can persuade him to allow you to take it, or kill him. After taking the shield from the locker and returning to Samhan, and you'll get to look at his special reserve items, a selection of higher priced goods, as well as a small reward. You can now move on to your next mission, #3d.

  • d) Smuggling Mission 3:

    Samhan wants you to grab medical supplies from the med lab at Residential 082 West (#8). Use the console near the supply container to break the seal (if not already previously broken by you). Search the container for the supplies, and exit the room. A TSF guard will attempt to stop you, but you'll be forced to kill him. After returning to Samhan, you'll be rewarded and he'll ask one final favor. See #3e below.

  • e) Final Smuggling Mission:

    Samhan's final favor requests that you escort him during a trade. When you accept, the deal will go sour when a few TSF officers arrive. When they're out of the picture, you'll get a discount on Samhan's wares, or you can still turn him in to Lt. Grenn, in which case you'll need to fight Samhan when he resists.

    4 - Merc Bullies

    Your first time here, a couple of mercenaries are bullying a Sullustan. Hear his side and help him against the thugs, and you'll get (LS Points). If instead you choose to kill the Sullustan, you'll obviously get (DS Points).

    5 - Exit

    Exit to Cantina (#1). You won't need to visit the Cantina until you have your gear from the TSF office and a few objectives that take you here.

    6 - Info Console

    Use this console and download a map of the area. Now, whenever you find another info console (in any section of Citadel Station), you can use another info console and automatically return to this point and vice versa.

    7 - Exit

    Exit to Cantina (#8).

    8 - Exit

    Exit to Dock Module (#1). After getting your gear and some quests from Lt. Grenn, it's advisable to head through this exit to the Dock Module.

    9 - TSF Protocol Droid

    Talk to the droid to find out what happened to the Ebon Hawk. Unfortunately, the TSF cannot do anything to help you at this point. However, ask the droid about your equipment, and he'll open up the room to the right. Also ask the droid what you are supposed to do now. He'll mention the Exchange and tell you a little about them.

    10 - All Your Equipment

    After talking to the droid in the other room, grab your equipment from the long row of lockers in this room. Take some time to re-equip your characters and then go see Lt. Grenn at #11.

    11 - Lt. Dol Grenn

    Grenn has five bonus quests for you, should you wish to take them. Three of them are bounties, the next is a smuggler's quest, and ultimately, a quest to solve the Telos fuel shortage by finding an alternate source of fuel. Talk to Grenn about all three bounties, going through the entire conversation to get a lead on each. Also ask him about the fuel problem. The smuggler's quest arises once you perform the first Czerka or Ithorian quest.

  • a) Bounty Quest, Batu Rem:

    Your only objective is to find out what happened to Batu Rem. This one is simple. Head to Dock Module (#4) through the exit at #8, and speak with the Duros there. Ask for info on a passenger coming through the area, Batu Rem, and pay him 25 credits for his trouble. You'll learn he came through Nar Shaddaa. You can now report back to Lt. Grenn and solve the this bounty.

  • b) Bounty Quest, Batono:

    Your first lead is again the Dock Module, so proceed to Dock Module (#5) through the exit at #8 and speak with the Czerka Officer by the Hangar door. He'll give you another lead: Jana Lorso of Czerka, which also conveniently ties into the Escaped Criminals bounty quest below. When you ask Jana about Batono, be careful not to mention Grenn's name as the reason for the investigation. She'll then point you to Chodo Habat in the Ithorian compound. Only after talking to Lorso will Chodo give you any information about Batono. Tell him what Jana said and he'll give you the key to Batono's apartment in Residential 082 East (#11), Apt. C1. You can escort him back to Grenn after fighting a couple of mercenaries on the way out, or you can turn him into Jana at Czerka. Follow the link above for more details.

  • c) Bounty Quest, Escaped Criminals:

    After getting this quest, the first time you see Jana Lorso at Czerka Offices (#3), you'll overhear these two criminals conversing with her. No matter how you approach the situation, they'll flee to the Telos Restoration zone. You can then come back to Grenn and lie to him that you killed them for a reward, though it will not gain you any (DS Points). When you visit the Restoration Zone a little later, you'll encounter them and do battle, effectively allowing the truth to catch up to the lie, but still solving the quest a little early.

  • d) Smuggling Quest:

    After escorting the droid from Hangar 2 to either Czerka or the Ithorians, you'll have a modified pistol in your possession. You can first show it to Lt. Grenn, or go straight to Samhan Dobo at #3 above, it makes no difference. Talk to Samhan and ask to become part of his smuggling operation. At any point in the operation, you can tell Lt. Grenn about it and bust it up, gaining a reward.

  • e) Telos Fuel Shortage:

    Ask Grenn about the Fuel problem, and you'll receive a quest to find a new source of fuel. You can set this up by talking to Vogga the Hutt at the Nar Shaddaa Docks (#1) and solving the Goto problem. After effectively completing Nar Shaddaa, you can make arrangements with Vogga and then come back to tell Grenn about the new fuel source.