Jekk Jekk Tarr
Nar Shaddaa - Jekk Jekk Tarr

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On your way to meet Visquis, you were intercepted by either Hanharr or Mira. Regardless of who, Mira is the one that knocks you unconscious and intends to come here to meet with Visquis herself. Therefore, the first time you enter, you should see Mira in a Space Suit at #1 unless you decided to take another character in with a breath mask or high regenerate before.

Your first main goal, as Mira, is simply to make it to #5 where she meets with Visquis. Secondly, as your main character, it will be the same goal, only Visquis will escape to the lower levels and you'll have no choice but to follow, so you'll want to head to the exit at #6.

1 - Exit

Exit to Docks (#13). The first time you enter will be as Mira, and the next time, as your main character.

  • a) As Mira:

    First, level her up. Concentrate on any ranged skills such as Master Two-Weapon Fighting, Master Rapid Shot, Close Combat, etc. Give her Master Toughness as well if she has enough feats left over.

    There will be only three possible things you can do before meeting with Visquis:

    1. Head to every corner of every room and take the chemicals from the chemical dispensers, but I recommend doing this with your main character as it will be faster. For some amusing responses, try talking to the patrons.
    2. Speak with the Bartender at #2 who tells you a little about the place.
    3. If you picked up the Lunar Shadow Crewman quest at Docks (#4), you'll find their captain at #3. This is the last time you can finish the quest, so you'll want to head over there if it is still active.

    After choosing which of these, simply proceed to #5 to meet with Visquis.

  • b) As your main character:

    As soon as you enter Jekk Jekk, you'll learn the force power Breath Control from Kreia, which allows you to throw a bubble of breathable air around you. Activate it as soon as you can and enter the first room. Every patron in every room will be hostile towards you and it is a good chance to rack up the experience by taking them out. You will not be able to complete the Lunar Shadow Crewman quest as your main character, but enter the room, clear it out and move on until you reach #5. Mass-affecting force powers are best here, but if you're a melee-oriented character, I found slicing and dicing to be just as effective, with Master Speed activated.

    2 - Bartender

    As Mira, speak with this Bartender to gain a little background information about the place.

    3 - Lunar Shadow Captain

    As Mira, you can talk to him to convince him to rejoin the Lunar Shadow Crewman at the Docks (#4), completing the quest. It's not difficult as Mira doesn't actually have the Persuade skill. This is one of two ways to complete the quest. The other is to recommend Odis from the Refugee Docks.

    4 - Visquis & Hanharr Descend

    As your main character, when you reach this point, Visquis and Hanharr retreat to the Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels.

    5 - Visquis & Twi'lek Attendants

    As Mira, when you reach this point, you'll take off your Space Suit and see a cut scene where things don't end well for her. Next, your main character awakens in her private room at Docks (#4). At this point, take your main character and bring him/her back up to Jekk Jekk Tarr. See #1b above.

  • a) As your main character:

    Speak with a Twi'lek Attendant in the room and persuade her for information about Visquis and the traps that lay ahead. For (DS Points) you can threaten to kill her. Proceed through the exit at #6 when finished here.

    6 - Exit

    Exit to Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels (#1).