Frequently Asked Questions
Not being familiar with the first KotOR, where can I find a useful FAQ about that game?

In our strongly fleshed out KotOR site, and specifically, right here.

What is the name of the sequel and who is developing the game?

The sequel is entitled Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords and is being created by Southern California-based Obsidian Entertainment, who are made up of several former Black Isle employees and some of the top names in the industry. Members of the team have worked on some of the greatest RPGs of all time, including Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, and Icewind Dale. The first Knights of the Old Republic was developed by BioWare Corp.

When will KotOR II be available in stores?

It is currently available for Xbox, and released in early December, 2004. The PC version will follow, but no expected date as of yet.

Will it be necessary to have played the first KotOR, in terms of storyline or plot?

Not at all, however if you have yet to play the first, and especially as this sequel is based on the same technology, it is strongly recommended that you do yourself a favor and play through the first game, as it is one of the best RPG's of all time for any system. In KotOR II, your character is a brand new one and the story set 5 years after the events in KotOR 1.

What platforms will be supported?

The game is being developed for both the Xbox and PC.

Will there be a multiplayer mode?

No, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords is a single player game, though downloadable content may be available through Xbox Live.

What about Xbox Live?

Obsidian has stated they wish to make new armor & weapons available through Xbox Live at some point, however, any new content or quests is unlikely.

Can I import my character and/or items from the original KotOR into KotOR II?

No, as it's an entirely new story set five years after the events of the first KotOR with a brand new character, this will not be a feature of the sequel.

How will the game's story be introduced with relation to the events in the first episode? Will I begin with a lightsaber or force powers?

The main character will get to "choose" what happened at the end of the first game through dialogue, and hence partly affect some of the dialogue in the sequel. Your character, an ex-Jedi, has been in exile after fighting in the Mandalorian war, and has thus lost touch with the force. You will begin the game with no force powers and no lightsaber.

How many new worlds will there be to explore?

Seven worlds will be introduced to the player, including Carth's old home, Telos, Dantooine and Korriban. Dantooine and Korriban will not be exactly the same as you last remembered from KotOR 1.

Will the Ebon Hawk make a comeback?

Yes, you will be touring on the Hawk once again.

Will the mini-games Pazaak, Ebon Hawk Gunner and Swoop Racing be back?

Yes, they are being slightly re-designed and will now be optional.

How many party members will be available?

As before, three of your choosing (except when the plot decides on specific characters... which is slightly more often), and 10 will be in your party pool.

Will characters from KotOR 1 be returning?

T3-M4 and HK-47 will be back. Another character is back as well, though you'll have to figure out which one. The rest are completely new and one makes a few cameo appearances.

What are a couple of the new character's names?

Kreia, an older female Jedi and Atton Rand, a scoundrel similar in manner and dialogue to Han Solo.

Will Revan make an appearance?

Revan's story is continued in this chapter of KotOR. It is known that Revan fled to the Unknown regions after last episode's conflict with Malak.

How has the technology behind the game changed between the first KotOR and the sequel?

It is essentially the same engine, with some added improvements to lighting, weather effects and polygon detail. Expect it to look much like the first game.

How will the interface be changed?

There are some improvements to the interface in terms of functionality, but it will essentially work as the first did. A new "quick key" will be implemented in the action bar to instantly change to one of two weapon configurations. The interface will also fade out when not in combat, allowing for a more natural view of the world.

Will the NPC's react more to your personal light side/dark side choices as the main character?

Your party members will now be more dynamic with respect to your choices, and will act accordingly. In the first game, there was a point where this happened, but in the sequel, it will be more of a sliding continuum, where their alliance and trust can be raised or lowered. It is called "influence."

Are there new Force Powers in the game? What about weapons, armor types and light sabers?

There are many new force powers such as Battle Meditation, Force Confusion and Force Sight. There will be lots of new items, weapons, armor types and lightsaber colors.

How has combat changed from KotOR?

In The Sith Lords, combat is going to be nearly identical, save the new feats and force powers. There is, however, one significant change. Your ability animations will also become more complex and improve as your abilities increase. At level 1 of the Force Push series, while impressive, the animation should look substantially different than a level 3 Force Push (Wave) animation.

What is the level cap? Can characters go beyond level 20? What happens then?

There is no level cap in KotOR II! There will be 6 new "prestige" classes, which enable your character to gain new super abilities at a very high level. These classes include three on each the light side and dark side.

Light Side Prestige Classes:
Jedi Master: (Consular-type) Regenerates force power more quickly, and can inspire companions and followers.
Jedi Watchman: (Sentinel-type) Generally super abilities with the force and control over the lightsaber.
Jedi Weapon Master: (Guardian-type) Lightsaber deflection and pain threshold increased, and does more saber damage.

Dark Side Prestige Classes:
Sith Lord (Consular-type): Mastery of corrupting the wills of others.
Sith Assassin (Sentinel-type): Mastery of stealth and camouflage.
Sith Marauder (Guardian-type): Mastery of weapons and increased pain threshold.

Is upgrading items via the workbench re-designed for KotOR II?

Yes, the whole process is much more involving and results in at dozens of new configurations for your weapons and armor. There are a lot more upgradeable items and options in KotOR II and they now are tied to a particular skill such as repair, awareness, security, treat injury and demolitions, such that the higher the skill, the more upgrade options will appear for you. You can also break down items into components and chemicals for use with creating brand new items.