Nar Shaddaa - Docks

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I've recommended that this be your next destination after the Refugee Landing Pad for two reasons. One is that you can get the Vogga's Hoard quest at #3, and secondly, you can meet Fassa at #2 and perform a few quests here, preparing him for the completion of several more in the Refugee Quad.

After your battle with the Red Eclipse back at the Landing Pad and subsequent invitation by Visquis in Jekk Jekk Tarr, you'll be coming this way and meet up with either Hanharr or Mira depending on your alignment. See #10 for details.

Ultimately, after you gain notoriety by the Exchange and events are put into motion that bring you to Jekk Jekk Tarr, you'll be well on your way to finishing Nar Shaddaa. Some of the quests here can help.

Finally, I would recommend against going to #9, which is Vogga the Hutt from the Docks area. Instead, work on the Vogga's Hoard quest at #3 and you'll eventually be taken to him through the Cantina in the Entertainment Promenade.

1 - Exit

Exit to Refugee Landing Pad (#11). Shortly after walking onto the Docks your first time from here, you'll see a cut scene with Hanharr and Vogga the Hutt.

2 - Fassa, Dock Manager

Fassa is a key figure in Nar Shaddaa, simply for the number of quests that depend on him. By himself, he can offer only one, however he is the key to solving three additional quests, one at #6 here, and two in the Refugee Sector (if you are Light Side and care about the fates of the refugees). If you solve his own quest, he will be very kind and help you with all the others without the need for any payment.

  • a) Fassa's Freighters:

    Ask Fassa how business is going, and then about the pylons to receive this quest. You are to assign priority to three incoming freighters that are awaiting their orders. Each freighter has a specific id code, and Fassa gives you instructions on how to order them. Now, you could go to all three Pylons after toggling power to each using the nearby console, and then figure out which freighter goes first, but for simplicity's sake, I'm going to forego that explanation and give you the quick instructions and solution. First, use the nearby console and toggle the power to Pylon 2. Continue straight down the middle dock into pylon 2 and use the console there. Assign the priorities as follows: Silver Zephyr, Alakandor, Toorna's Profits. After this, your journal will update and you can return to Fassa for a reward and what passes for his thanks.

    Keep in mind that if you do this for him, you can talk to him about any of the other quests and he will gladly help you out.

  • b) Lassavou's Debt:

    If you've agreed to help Lassavou at #4 here and have completed Fassa's first quest above, Fassa will gladly let Lassavou off the hook for his debt and you'll get another required piece to the Airspeeder in the Refugee Quad.

  • c) Kahranna's Transport:

    If you've agreed to help Kahranna from the Refugee Docks, who's seeking passage off Nar Shaddaa, you can speak with Fassa after having been to Goto's Yacht and he will accept her on one of his freighters. Any time before Goto's Yacht and Fassa will complain that the situation with Goto needs to be resolved.

  • d) Odis' Pilot Work:

    If you've agreed to help Odis from the Refugee Docks, who's looking for pilot work, you can speak with Fassa after having been to Goto's Yacht and he will accept him as a pilot. Any time before Goto's Yacht and Fassa will complain that the situation with Goto needs to be resolved.

    3 - Aqualish Thugs & Vogga's Hoard

    Only if you have yet to have one of your party members dance for Vogga at #9, you can get this quest. Open the door to this room and approach the thugs. They'll essentially say, "nice try." Now move back and enter in Stealth mode. You'll overhear them planning to break into Vogga's hoard by sedating the Kath Hounds with Juma Juice. That's essentially all you need to know.

    When ready, you can head to the bartender at Entertainment Promenade (#10) and ask for enough Juma Juice to knock out a Kath Hound. With the juice, you can then walk over to Domo (with either Handmaiden or yourself as a female) in the party and agree to dance for Vogga at #9. After Vogga inevitably falls asleep, you can use the Watering Urn at #9 and slip the juma juice into it, putting the Kath Hounds asleep and allowing you entrance into the Hoard at the back of the room.

    4 - Lunar Shadow Crewman

    Talk to these gentleman to learn they are trying to get back their Captain who's hanging out at Jekk Jekk Tarr (#3). There are two ways to complete the quest. First is to use one of your characters in a breath mask or with a high regenerative ability to enter Jekk Jekk Tarr... or best, as Mira when the story takes you there, find the captain and persuade him to return to his men to complete the quest. You won't be able to talk to the captain as your main character, however, so it's best to act with Mira, or before if you feel up to it.

    Alternatively, for (LS Points), if you've talked with Odis at the Refugee Quad (#8), you can tell the crewmen about his looking for work and you'll be rewarded.

    5 - Bith Scientist

    Inquire about this Bith's business and he'll ask you to do a favor: meet a contact at Pylon 3, give him the 500 credits the Bith gives you, and return with the goods. Head over to #8 and check the twi'lek corpse just inside the door to the left. As soon as you read the datapad, the door will close and the "cleaning droid" inside will attack. Defeat the droid and return to find the Bith is no longer here; only a datapad remains. You've still got his 500 credits, your reward other than the xp.

    6 - Lassavou in Debt

    As a Dark Sider, you'll have the option to pretend you're here to collect on his debt, in which case you get 200 credits and no Cryogenic Power Cell, one of three pieces required for the Airspeeder in the Refugee Quad. Better would be to tell him who you are and agree to help him with his debt by talking with Fassa. Go to Fassa now at #2, complete his first quest if you haven't yet, and then ask him to release Lassavou of the debt. Return to Lassavou and ask for your reward, which is the Cryogenic Power Cell.

    7 - Lootra, Aaida's Husband

    Stuck here at the Docks, Lootra is looking for his wife Aaida, who happens to be in the Refugee Quad (#4). You can kill Lootra as a Dark Side act, or proceed to the Refugee Quad (#2), kill the two Exchange Thugs there to clear the way for Aaida, and then tell her that she is free to go see her husband, for xp and (LS Points). Return to Lootra & Aaida here for another reward. I received a Short Lightsaber.

    8 - Container & Twi'lek Corpse

    Search the container here for the Maneuvering Flaps, the final piece required to fix the Airspeeder in the Refugee Quad. If you've taken on the Bith Scientist's quest at #5, you'll find a twi'lek corpse here. Search it and the cleaning droid will attack. Defeat it and return to the scientist.

    9 - Vogga the Hutt

    The recommended way to first approach Vogga is by dancing for him, initiated at Entertainment Promenade (#11) after you've already overheard the thugs at #3. Vogga will fall asleep. When you regain control of your characters, fill the Watering Urn nearby with juma juice (if you took on the Hoard quest), and the Kath Hounds will fall asleep. Open the locked door to the north of Vogga and raid his Hoard for a chance at some high quality items including a lightsaber.

    Afterward, talk to Vogga again to learn of his troubles with Goto. Furthermore, you can negotiate a supply of fuel to Telos if you help him solve his problem with Goto.

  • a) After returning from Goto's Yacht:

    Talk to Vogga for a reward or the salvation to Telos' fuel shortage. See Lt. Grenn at Entertainment 081 (#11) on Telos before the End Game and you'll have done the planet a huge favor.

    10 - Mira & Hanharr

    After fighting the Red Eclipse aboard the Ebon Hawk and receiving the invitation from Visquis to visit him at Jekk Jekk Tarr, you will encounter either Mira or Hanharr somewhere along the docks on your way up to the #13 exit. Only if you are strongly Dark Side aligned, however, will you meet Hanharr.

  • a) If you meet with Mira:

    She will take you to her private room at #11 and slip you a mickey. At this point, the game will shift to Atton in the cantina at Entertainment Promenade (#12). See the link for details.

  • b) If you meet with Hanharr:

    If you meet with Hanharr, this powerful Wookiee will become a member of your party later. First however, he'll conspire with you against Visquis and you'll once again be on your way to the exit at #13. Just before that, at #12, Mira will tranquilize you and go in herself. At this point, the game will shift to Atton in the cantina at Entertainment Promenade (#12). See the link for details.

    11 - Mira's Room, Master Zez-Kai Ell

    This room is locked until you meet with Mira later in the game. Once you've met with Mira (see #10 above) on your way to Jekk Jekk Tarr, she will take you here to knock you out before heading into Jekk Jekk herself. After her meeting with Visquis, you'll wake up here when it's time to revisit Jekk Jekk Tarr with your main character. When you do, simply head back to Jekk Jekk Tarr and enter at #13. Later, after Goto's Yacht, you will meet Zez-Kai Ell here.

  • a) Zez-Kai Ell:

    Both Light and Dark Siders will have the chance to ask him questions. Both Light and Dark characters will also learn a technique, whether during battle or conversation. If you are the Light Side, he'll promise to meet at the Jedi Enclave at the conclusion of your conversation.

    Dark Siders will do battle with him. In these confined quarters, it is a little more difficult to maneuver and likely you'll end up crossing lightsabers quickly. To prepare, use every type of stimulant you have from your inventory screen, activate one of your strongest energy shields, and cast any buffing spells like Master Speed or Battle Meditation. Watch your vitality, using medpacs if necessary. When the battle is over, you'll have learned a new technique.

    When you reboard the Ebon Hawk, you'll find both G0-T0 and either Mira or Hanharr, depending on your alignment. Congratulations on finishing Nar Shaddaa! Be sure to mop up any remaining quests before you leave, and come back to Geeda on the Landing Pad after you've finished all the planets if you decided to help her.

    12 - Mira Interrupts

    If you're a Dark Side character and met with Hanharr (see #10) on your way to Jekk Jekk Tarr, this is where Mira will intercept you, tranquilize you and go in herself.

    13 - Exit

    Exit to Jekk Jekk Tarr (#1). Though you can enter wearing a breath mask or with a high regen, you'll be required to come here eventually anyway as both Mira and your main character. As your main character, only venture in here once you've been invited to Jekk Jekk Tarr by Visquis and after awakening from Mira's deception.

    14 - B-5D8 & T3-M4

    After your confrontation with Goto in Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels, T3-M4 is sold by the "Champ" to B-5D8, and you'll take control of the expert droid. Your goal will be to get to #16 and receive a blank transponder card. Begin by entering the door to the west and on your way to #15, search every container. Also equip the best armor and items you have for T3-M4, including the renewable shield you may have been rewarded by TT-32 back at the Landing Pad. As for a weapon, his best in this scenario is still the Shock Arm that he came with at the beginning of the game.

    15 - C7-E3 & HK-50's

    When you first get here, talk to C7-E3 who's at the console, then backtrack just around the corner to chat with C6-E3. You'll conspire to disable C7-E3 so that you can proceed through the now-locked door just past C7. Head back to C7 and through droid conversation, you attack. Defeat him with your Shock Arm and you'll gain access to the western part of the maze. On your way back, expect a little HK resistance at this point.

  • a) HK-50's Intercept:

    After you've received the transponder card from #16, you'll encounter three HK-50 droids, actively pursuing your demise. Activate your best shield and aggressively use your Shock Arm on one HK at a time, whittling them down to scrap. Search their remains for the HK Chassis, one of four parts that can be used to restore HK-47 back at the Ebon Hawk. After collecting the items, return to B-5D8 and exit out the door onto the docks.

    After Tienn Tubb helps you with the transponder codes automatically, you will be aboard the Ebon Hawk on your way to Goto's Yacht. Select two party members and pickup at Goto's Yacht (#1).

    16 - Door Puzzle & B-4R5 Droid

    Use the door controls to the right side of the door for an interesting puzzle. The answers are as follows, in this order:

    1. Rotate the center block counter-clockwise
    2. Rotate the rightmost block clockwise
    3. Rotate the leftmost block counter-clockwise

    And the door will open. Speak with B-4R5 inside to receive your blank transponder code card, precisely the item Tienn Tubb needs back at the Landing Pad to allow you to be caught by Goto's Yacht - which, by the way, happens automatically after you leave. As you make your way back to the docks, you'll encounter three HK-50's waiting for you at #15a. See above for details.