Czerka Offices
Telos - Czerka Offices

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Your contact here will almost exclusively be Jana Lorso at #3. If you're playing a Dark Side character, you'll want to take on her quests, which eventually lead you to the Restoration Zone en route to the Ebon Hawk, your ultimate goal.

1 - Exit

Exit to Residential 082 East (#4).

2 - B-4D4, Receptionist

As soon as you enter for the first time, B-4D4 greets you. You may tell him anything. If you're playing the Light Side and siding with the Ithorians, their last quest relates to him.

  • a) After you've got the credentials from Opo Chano:

    Tell B-4D4 to come with you to the Ithorian compound and show him the credentials. You'll appear in front of Chodo Habat in Residential 082 West. After Chodo reprograms you with the ability to lie, head back here to speak with Jana Lorso, and continue with #3e below.

  • b) After killing Slusk for Jana and Czerka:

    Ask B-4D4 what is going on and he'll let you know about the mercenary attack here, although that's hardly necessary as they're in the same room. Prepare to fight through three groups of them at #5, 6 and 7 before you make it to Jana.

    3 - Jana Lorso

    Meet the leader of the Czerka operation here on Telos. If you're playing the Dark Side, you will naturally want to do a little work for her. Her first quest (if you haven't already taken the Ithorian path) is the same as the Ithorian first quest, to escort (steal in this case) a droid from Hangar 2 in the Dock Module back to her. Head to Dock Module (#2a).

  • a) After talking with Lt. Grenn about the Escaped Criminal bounty:

    When you arrive at her desk, you'll witness the two criminals talking with her. After your confrontation, regardless what you say, they'll take off for the restoration zone. Report back to Lt. Grenn and lie about killing them for a reward. You will not receive any DS points for this. You will see these two again...

  • b) After returning with the droid from the Dock Module:

    Along with the (DS Points), you will be offered another, more dangerous quest, that of killing the leader of the Exchange, Loppak Slusk. You can get to him by first talking with Luxa in the Cantina (#5). This will set you on a couple of side quests for Luxa before she will actually arrange a meeting.

  • c) When continuing Lt. Grenn's Batono bounty quest:

    You've learned of Batono's connection with Czerka from the Czerka officer at the Dock Module. Ask Jana about Batono and do not tell her about Lt. Grenn. She will then point you to Chodo Habat in the Ithorian compound at Residential 082 West (#4).

  • d) If you killed Batono for Czerka after first telling Jana Lorso about his location:

    Return to Jana for your reward.

  • e) As B-4D4:

    Talk to her as the droid and use your ability to lie to gain access to the mainframe at #4. Continue to #4.

  • f) After killing Slusk for Czerka:

    After plowing through the mercenary attack here in the office, talk to her for a reward and ask about your ship. She will finally make arrangements for you to get to the Telos Restoration zone aboard a shuttle waiting for you at Dock Module (#10). First see the Duros at Dock Module (#4) for an extra little som'n som'n and access to your shuttle.

    4 - Mainframe & T1-N1

    The only way to access this room is to side with the Ithorians and complete their first two quests. B-4D4, meet your R2-D2-esque sidekick, T1-N1. During your conversation, you'll convince him to let you download the incriminating data you need while he goes postal on the Czerka guards. Use the console here to optionally erase your connection to Czerka, and not-optionally download the files. Exit and return to Chodo at Residential 082 West (#4d) for the completion of the Ithorian quests... well, almost.

    5 - Mercs

    You'll face several mercenaries here after you've killed Loppak Slusk for Jana and return to speak with her.

    6 - Mercs

    You'll face several fairly tough mercenaries here after you've killed Loppak Slusk for Jana and return to speak with her.

    7 - Mercs

    You'll face the final set of mercenaries here after you've killed Loppak Slusk for Jana and return to speak with her.