Malachor V - Depths

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Your goal here, as your main character, is to head through the exit at #8 to the Trayus Academy. On your way, you'll do battle at #5 with a large beast before you can continue. As the remote, your only goal is to make it to the two republic crash sites at #3 and #4, and use the consoles there to partially restore the mass shadow generator. When your work is done, you'll take control again of your main character.

1 - Exit

Exit to Surface (#6).

2 - Storm Beasts

More brutes.

3 - Republic Crash Site

As the remote only, use the console to partially raise the mass shadow generator.

4 - Republic Crash Site

As the remote only, use the console to partially raise the mass shadow generator. If this is your last console, expect a visit from G0-T0 before regaining control of your main character at #6 and entering the academy.

5 - Greater Storm Beast

As soon as you reach this area, gates will close and you'll be forced to battle this giant beast. On my first battle, I was critically hit for an absolutely amazing 267 points of damage, with damage resistance from Toughness and the Immortality Belt. Okay, so he hits hard. Now what can you do? As a consular, I was able to stasis field him with my high modifiers, which made the battle very easy afterward. However, if that's not possible, activate speed, run away and throw grenades or use ranged weapons occasionally.

By this stage of the game, however, you may have an easier time if you're not also critically hit and the beast itself is not too difficult to land attacks. Regardless, activate your best melee shield to absorb even more damage, add any helpful force powers and he shouldn't pose much of a problem.

6 - Trigger

When you reach this point, if you're playing the Light Side, you'll gain control of Mira at #7 in a final battle against Hanharr. See below for details.

7 - Mira vs. Hanharr

At the end of this battle, you may choose to kill him or allow him to live. Thus ends their struggle for the time being. If you allow Hanharr to live, he promises to hunt you down, and you promise to be ready.

This battle can be fairly difficult. Keep your distance, activate any stimulants and whittle away his health with bursts from your ranged weapons and/or grenades.

8 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#1). Enter here for the final conflict.