Polar Plateau
Telos - Polar Plateau

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Your main goal here couldn't be simpler. Defeat the impending HK-50 attack, search their remains and head to the exit at #3.

1 - Crash Site

After the second consecutive complete destruction of your transportation, you awake to find three HK-50 droids waiting to kill you. Bao-Dur is unconscious. See #2.

2 - HK-50 Attack

Time to face off against three more HK-50 Assassin Droids. I especially enjoy the line about them possibly making you break a sweat. I like to open the battle by tossing in a grenade or three, since you're fairly far away anyway. Then, close in an take them down one at a time. As with all droids, the Stun Droid line works very well if you're Light Side or have given it to Kreia. When they're defeated, search the remains for the HK Control Cluster, another piece you need to reassemble HK-47 aboard the Ebon Hawk. Afterward, head to the exit at #3.

3 - Exit

Exit to Secret Academy (#1).