Valley of Dark Lords
Korriban - Valley of Dark Lords

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Unlike the Korriban of the first game, this trip on the planet is quite short. Your main goal of course is to find Master Vash, and you'll have to do it without Kreia's help. You'll find Vash within the Sith Academy, at exit #3. After (or before - your choice though I recommend after) you're finished with the academy, you can optionally enter the Shyrack Cave at #4, then the Secret Tomb to do battle with past events.

1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1).

Before searching any of the skeletal corpses laying all around the area, see #2.

2 - Skeletal Corpses

Laying all around the area are corpses, which if disturbed, bring about two cloaked Hssiss beasts to attack. They hit fairly hard but are not highly resistant to force powers. It's actually a very good opportunity for experience so I do recommend finding and rummaging through every one. When through, I recommend heading into the Sith Academy at #3, then taking on the Shyrack Cave at #4 when you return.

3 - Exit

Exit to Sith Academy (#1).

4 - Exit

Exit to Shyrack Cave (#1). Two shyracks coax you to do battle as you approach.