Royal Palace
Onderon - Royal Palace

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Whether you are Light or Dark Side, your general objective will be the same: unlock the giant door just to the east of #2 using both the north and south consoles, at #6 and #10. Once unlocked, you can finally enter the room at #11 and eventually #12 to the final confrontation. As a Light Sider, expect more of Vaklu's troops, and as a Dark Sider, you can of course expect more Royalist soldiers of all types. Most of the resistance will be in the giant corridors but expect some inside rooms.

When you see either the Royalist Corporal or Vaklu Officer, they can take you quickly back and forth from #2 to either the north or south areas.

1 - Exit

Exit to Sky Ramp (#6).

2 - Locked Door & Mission Objective

As either Light or Dark Side, you will get your primary mission here. Dark Siders will have a more specific mission from Tobin to disable both the north and south consoles, while Light Siders are left wondering what to do. Either way, both paths are essentially the same. For now, head north to #3.

3 - Console & Museum

Using the console outside this door causes it to overload and explode, courtesy of an anonymous "fan". Instead, enter the Museum, defeat its occupants and take the high-quality items from the four containers in the room. Hopefully you'll get something valuable.

4 - Gas Room

There are enemies here for Light Siders, as well as a container, but you'll have to be quick about opening it, as even if you have "Breath Control" from Nar Shaddaa, it doesn't save you from being stunned by the gas.

5 - Master Kavar

Light Siders entering this room will be greeted by Kavar, but he will have no time to chat until you complete your objective and tells you to speak with Captain Kadron in the nearby room, at #6.

6 - Captain Kadron or Royalist Soldiers, and Console

Depending on your alignment, this room will have different occupants:

  • a) As a Light Side character:

    Speak with Captain Kadron. He'll tell you that you'll need to transfer the primary functions from the south console, currently occupied by a slicer, to this secondary console. You can use the console for a map of the area and talk to the Royalist Corporal at any time for a shortcut to #2. However, you may first want to raid the armory at #7 before doing so.

  • b) As a Dark Side character:

    Simply defeat the soldiers here, use the console and disable it to complete your first objective. Now all that remains is the southern console, but don't forget to raid the armory at #7 first.
    7 - Console & Armory

    Use the console at the entrance to this room, and you'll be faced with three puzzles. The answers are as follows:

    1. 66
    2. 45
    3. 39

    Enter the room and take the random quality items from the containers.

    8 - Console

    This console contains another anonymous present: it overloads and explodes, causing your party damage if you use it.

    9 - Several Enemies

    After you defeat the enemies in this room, Kiph, the slicer who is at the console at #10, has another present for you. When you enter the next room, the four droids activate and attack.

    10 - Several Enemies, Kiph & Console

    Defeat the enemies and you'll have different options depending on your alignment:

  • a) As a Light Side character:

    You can talk to Captain Riiken held captive in the Force Cage if you like. Then, have a chat with Kiph, who was working for Vaklu. You can kill him for obvious (DS Points) or allow him to leave. Use the console, then transfer its primary functions to the secondary terminal and shut it down to both open the door at #2 and release Riiken from his cage. Talk to him to take you immediately to #2, where you can then proceed to #11.

  • b) As a Dark Side character:

    Talk to Kiph, and then kill him after he tires of groveling. Use the console, disable it and you will then be able to enter the large door at #2. Talk to the Vaklu Officer in the corridor to quickly return to #2 where you can then proceed to #11.

    11 - Drexl Larva Beast

    Whether you are Light or Dark Side, you will end up battling a large Drexl Larva Beast. Though having a lot of hit points and able to cause massive damage, the beast can be easily taken down by your far more powerful party. When it dies, proceed to the room at #12 for the final confrontation.

    12 - Talia, Vaklu & Master Kavar

    When you first enter, you'll witness a battle taking place between the two factions. You'll then have the choice to use your Battle Meditation (if you have the Force Power) to rally your faction's troops, thereby avoiding much of the fight.

  • a) As a Light Side character:

    While supporting Talia, you will see Kavar come in to mop up the remaining troops, and then you will face off against Vaklu and his couple of troopers. This is an easy battle compared with fighting Kavar as a Dark Side character. After he's defeated, you'll have the choice to allow him to live, allow the Queen to make the decision, or sentence him to death. Subsequently, Kavar will answer questions and teach you a new technique, and Talia will reward you.

    Afterward, you will take a shuttle back to Dxun and reunite with your party. Further, after you have found all of the Jedi Masters and have completed these "loose ends", you are ready to talk to Kreia and enter the Ruined Jedi Enclave for the End Game.

  • b) As a Dark Side character:

    While supporting Vaklu, mop up the remaining troops and watch as Master Kavar enters the room and both challenges you yet allows you to ask questions. This battle is really no different than any other very tough single battle. Sith Marauders should have little trouble with him, however Sith Lords may have more difficulty. Use your stimulants and best buffing Force Powers, and then enter melee. When Kavar's vitality is over halfway depleted, Kreia will interrupt and allow you to learn Kavar's technique.

    After the short conversation, deprive him of his remaining vitality and proceed north to where Vaklu and Talia are crossing swords. When the battle breaks, Vaklu will claim triumph and ask whether you want to kill Talia yourself. You can either do battle with her or sentence her to death. She has a surprisingly high amount of vitality and is quite resilient, providing for a nice challenge. When it is over, Vaklu thanks you and you will shuttle back to Dxun to reunite with your party.

    Further, after you have found all of the Jedi Masters and have completed these "loose ends", you are ready to talk to Kreia and enter the Ruined Jedi Enclave for the End Game.