Secret Tomb
Korriban - Secret Tomb

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Unless you are heavily Light or Dark Side aligned, you won't be able to access this optional tomb. Conserve your force energy while here if you're playing a Light Side character, as it will not recharge. Your main goal is to make it to #7 and see what awaits you. On the way, you'll encounter three sets of past events that test you in some way. During these tests, you cannot actually die even if they slay you, however your alignment will lower if that happens. However, if you die while fighting the shyrack broods & wyrms, such as at #3, you'll need to reload. In all, it is a short trip through memory lane, and the only drawback is the potential alignment shift. Fortunately, if you have been following the walkthrough, you'll have plenty of time to fix any possible alignment change.

1 - Exit

Exit to Shyrack Cave (#5). After making past #7, you'll take a shortcut to find yourself at the tomb's entrance back in the Shyrack Cave.

2 - Darth Malak

After an interactive conversation with the dark lord, you battle him along with his other companions, some of which you may remember. Focus only on Malak, since as soon as he's vanquished, the others will disappear as well. Continue on to #3.

3 - Shyrack Broods & Wyrms

Be careful to conserve your force energy here if you're a Light Side player, and only take on a couple at a time, as there are swarms of them here. If you find yourself overmatched, backtrack into the hall and fight off one or two at a time.

4 - Mandalorian War

Here you relive a decision that you made during the Mandalorian Wars a long time ago. Do you disarm (or run through) the mines before the troops for the Light Side response, or do you send them over the bridge before you, for the Dark Side response? If this is your second planet, you may find this an especially tough encounter, especially if you have a low or no demolitions skill. When you cross the bridge, defeat the Mandalorians and it will be over. Continue to #5.

5 - Fallen Jedi

As with the corpses in the Valley of Dark Lords, if you disturb this Jedi's remains, you'll spawn the Hssiss.

6 - Kreia

Talk with Kreia and your party members. In your conversation, attempt to get them to work together for (LS Points), and if you brush them off, you'll get (DS Points). Whichever choices you make, you'll then battle the group of them, and Kreia all at once. I found them to be easy, even as my second planet. However, focus on Kreia as it is only her that matters. When she's gone, this event comes to a conclusion.

In the Xbox version, there is a bug that enables you to repeat the event at least once more. Instead of fading away, Kreia is still standing there and you can repeat the event.

7 - Darth Revan

After much talk about Revan, now you get to do battle. It's really a fairly easy battle, but remain alert. When Revan dies, search the remains and then the mummified Ludo Kresh for his armband and warsword. Take the eastern door for a shortcut back to Shyrack Cave (#5) and your party members.

If you've been to the Sith Academy, congratulations on beating Korriban! Now head back to the Ebon Hawk.