Entertainment 081 Redux
Telos - Entertainment 081 Redux

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Your goal is to make it to the TSF station at #3 to clear out the remaining Sith, with heavy resistance on the way there, then head to the Dock Module exit at #4 to meet up with your party. Along the way, you can stop at the still-available workbench at #2 final time. The cantina is "closed.".

1 - Exit

Exit to Res 082 East Redux (#3).

2 - Sith Resistance & Workbench

Defeat the Sith in here for more experience, and utilize the workbench for any item creation or upgrades before your trip to the Ravager.

3 - TSF Station, Sith Commandos & Dark Jedi Apprentice

When you reach this room, defeat the rather large force of Sith gathered here, and your goal of blocking the Sith attempts to sabotage the fuel station will be complete.

4 - Mandalore & Transport to Ravager

When you reach this point, Mandalore (and Kelborn) will be waiting with further instructions about boarding Nihilus' ship the Ravager. Visas will strongly wish to be a part of your team and I would recommend taking her for important story elements (and for additional power). You will have the choice to select two additional party members. One, as I mentioned, should be Visas, but it is not required. When you next take control, you will be on the Ravager Command Deck (#1). Follow the link to continue.