Jedi Courtyard
Jedi Courtyard

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An area formerly inhabited by Kath Hounds in the first game, you'll find Kinraths here now. Your main goal is to optionally deal with the several salvagers at #4 on their side quests, and then enter the Enclave Sublevel at #7. There's also a mercenary camp at #2, who's leader can tell you all about Azkul and eventually, the impending attack on Khoonda.

If you're coming here after having found all the Jedi Masters on all the planets, your goal is to enter the rebuilt Jedi Enclave at #8. Until then, the exit is sealed.

1 - Exit

Exit to Khoonda Plains (#8).

2 - Mercenary Camp

If Mandalore happens to be in your party - not likely if you're following this walkthrough - he'll receive a challenge from Esok for his helm.

Speak with Dopak, the leader of this small band, and he'll fill you in on the mercenary agenda. Nallek will attempt to goad you into a fight. You can either persuade him to calm down or fight him for no penalty.

3 - Exit

Exit to Khoonda Plains (#9).

4 - Salvager Camp

This camp has several people you'll want to talk with for side quests and gear.

  • a) Davaala, Merchant:

    Your first time here, speak with her on the right side of the camp. She's a merchant with several nice Jedi related items and also tells you about two dead bodies and their gear in the Sublevel. You can find the bodies at Enclave Sublevel (#4 & #9), and when you find the second, it will be accompanied with a will. At that point, you can attempt to tamper with the will by forging it in your own name and return to Zherron in Khoonda for (DS Points) but yet keep their belongings. Or you can return the gear to Davaala, complete the quest and let her claim the items. Probably best to return them to Zherron yourself for either LS or DS points.

  • b) Ralon, Will Work for Food:

    When you talk to Ralon, he'll attempt to sell you a fake holocron. Use your inductive reasoning to determine that it's fake, and then he'll tell you about his wife and children. While it may sound suspicious, believing him instead of calling him on it and giving him 500 credits will net you (LS Points) and his good will. You'll also get a free fake holocron.

  • c) Jorran, Greedy Salvager:

    Jorran will only be here after you've released him from Enclave Sublevel (#3). After the Sublevel, return here to square up the Suulru quest from Khoonda. You can either Persuade or Force Persuade him to give you the vaporators that Suulru needs, and subsequently you'll learn about some high quality merchandise he has for sale, including the second piece you need for your lightsaber if you have yet to find one: the Lightsaber Emitter Fixture. Not only that, he has an Adegan Lens and Red Crystal for sale as well.

    If after finding Vrook, you are defending Khoonda from the mercenary attack, you can return and ask Jorran to join the militia and he will.

    5 - Kath Hound Attack

    Five of them including two tough Horn Kath Hounds and three normal versions. When you're fighting a large group of enemies, sometimes it's easier to destroy the easy ones first and then concentrate on the hard. In this case, quickly take out the normal Kath Hounds and then work on the Horn.

    6 - Tac Palae Encounter

    When you reach this point, Tac Palae will come running out of the Sublevel and tell you of Jorran's stupidity inside.

    7 - Exit

    Exit to Enclave Sublevel (#1).

    8 - Exit

    Exit to Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (#1). You can only use this exit once you've found all the Jedi Masters on the remaining planets: Dantooine, Korriban, Nar Shaddaa and Onderon.