Restoration Zone
Telos - Restoration Zone

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Your main goal is to acquire Bao-Dur, and find the Czerka Site entrance at #10. Along the way, you'll do battle with Cannoks and Mercenary camps.

1 - Shuttle Crash Site

After your landing, you awaken to the face of Bao-Dur, a trooper who served under you in the Mandalorian Wars. He'll be a required member of your party for awhile, and he's great with his bare hands and feet, so give him the best armor you have and talk to him a bit for some influence if you're considerate. He's also the best tech member of the entire game, thanks to his allotment of skill points. Any time you want another member who's both good in combat and great at computers, security and repairs, Bao-Dur is probably the best jack of all trades. After you choose your other party member, continue to #2 for some experience.

2 - Cannoks

This is the main wild animal of Telos, and they're not overly difficult. You'll come across many packs of them on your journey.

3 - Hidden Cache, 1 of 2

Surrounded by mines, this is the first hidden cache you'll come across. The other is at #7.

4 - Mercenary Pack

Near their landspeeder and swoop bike is a gathering of mercs and droids. Defeat them all and search any remains.

5 - Mines, Mercs & Droid

If you give Bao-Dur a stealth field and put any points into stealth, you can enter Solo mode and disable these mines before attacking the mercenaries and droid.

6 - Large Merc Encampment

The toughest battle in the area, you'll find several mercs and droids here. Grenades work very well to spread the damage before entering melee. The Veteran Mercenary is the most robust, naturally. You can also avoid this encounter (as Bao-Dur suggests) if you skirt around the perimeter.

7 - Hidden Cache, 2 of 2

This is the second hidden cache, surrounded by several mines. Usually these caches have decent items, so it's advisable to check.

8 - Containers

Don't miss these containers if you want to find everything.

9 - Mines & Turrets

The easiest approach is to take Bao-Dur into Solo mode, and put him in Stealth mode to disarm the mines, if he has any skill in Stealth. Alternatively, take your best character in Solo mode, keep him/her away from the others and run through the mines, then bring your others up for support, going back to heal when needed.

10 - Exit

Exit to Czerka Site (#1).