Residential 082 East
Telos - Residential 082 East

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After Peragus, you're thrown into a Telos holding cell, stripped of your belongings and told to wait out sentencing for the destruction of the Mining Facility. Shortly after, you must do battle with an Assassin who claims to be Batu Rem, a member of the TSF (Telos Security Force). After Lt. Dol Grenn arrives, you are taken to Residential 082 East, Apartment C3 and are told to wait here at Citadel Station until a Republic ship comes to fetch you.

Your main goal on Telos is to first get your equipment (in Entertainment 081), and ultimately, find the Ebon Hawk. Along the way, you are required to choose sides with either the Czerka Corporation (Dark Side) or the Ithorians (Light Side) in order to accomplish your main goal.

1 - Arrival

After your detainment, you are accompanied here by Lt. Dol Grenn and his retinue. As you try and get some rest, the comm console rings twice. The first time is Mozo, a representative for the Ithorian leader Chodo Habat. He asks that you visit their compound in Residential 082 West and speak with Chodo about the Telos restoration project. This represents the Light Side path.

Next time the console rings, and you answer, you're asked to visit the Czerka Offices here in Residential 082 East and speak with Jana Lorso about their business here on Telos. This represents the Dark Side path

When the cut-scenes are over, you have a few objectives. Speak with Jana Lorso in Czerka and/or Chodo Habat at the Ithorian Compound, and find your equipment in Entertainment 081. That's where I recommend going first (even before Czerka) after a little reconnaissance here in 082 East.

2 - Info Console

Use this console and download a map of the area. Now, whenever you find another info console (in any section of Citadel Station), you can use another info console and automatically return to this point and vice versa.

3 - Exit

Exit to Entertainment 081 (#1). When you begin, all of your equipment can be found there in the TSF office.

4 - Exit

Exit to Czerka Offices (#1). Czerka represents the Dark Side path but Light Side players will need to come here eventually if they want to complete all the quests, including the main one.

5 - Exit

Exit to Bumani Exchange (#1). You cannot enter until you've completed one or more quests from either Czerka or the Ithorians and have met with Luxa in the Cantina.

6 - Exit

Exit to Residential 082 West (#1). You'll probably want to come here after visiting Entertainment 081 and first retrieving your gear. The Ithorian compound is here.

7 - Harra in Debt

Enter this apartment and you'll find Harra. He lost his girl, Ramana, while betting in a Pazaak game. In order to get her back, you'll need to see Doton Het at the Cantina (#6) and negotiate for her release. When she's returned, you can either force her to continue dancing or let her go for (LS Points).

8 - Thieving Test

Take the contents from the footlocker in the room, and the owner will catch you on your way out. You can keep them by pleading ignorance or go so far as to kill him for obvious (DS Points) and a possible scolding from Kreia for your brutality.

9 - Opo Chano, Droid Parts Merchant

Along with being a merchant for droid parts, Opo is an integral part of both the Dark Side and Light Side paths but you cannot initiate any quests with him. Return when you're on the particular quest.

  • a) For the Ithorians (Light Side):

    You've spoken with the contact in the Cantina and need credentials to borrow B-4D4. Opo has these for 2,500 credits: expensive, but if you don't feel like spending that kind of money, head back now to Chodo and he will give you the money you need. Once you have them, you can go to the Czerka Offices (#2) and speak with B-4D4.

  • b) For Luxa (Dark Side):

    One of Luxa's requirements to set up a meeting with Slusk is to get back Opo Chano's debt. She tells you to rough him up a little if he cannot pay. Well, he cannot pay... and your only option if you want to avoid Light Side points is to kill him, which naturally give you (DS Points). Return to Luxa for the arrangement with Slusk.

    10 - Arms Deal

    The only way in here is to have a quest from Luxa in the Cantina, which pre-requires you to be sided with Czerka. After going to the medical unit and listening to the message on the console, you're told to come here alone. "Alone" in this case means going to the party selection screen and removing all other party members, not simply going solo as it won't work. When you "knock" on the door, you're let in. After looking around, the door closes and you're confronted by two thugs headed by a Rodian. The deal will be completed regardless of what you say, and they'll turn on you. When they are dead, return to Luxa at the Cantina (#5) for your next quest.

    11 - Batono

    There is no entering this door until you find out where he is from the Ithorian Chodo Habat. The quest originates from Lt. Grenn in Entertainment 081.

  • a) If Light Side:

    Enter the room and offer to escort him to Lt. Grenn for a reward and (LS Points). On your way out of the apartment complex, you're confronted by two Czerka mercs. Kill them and he'll be returned to Grenn for a reward.

  • b) If Dark Side:

    Once you've learned of his location, first tell Jana Lorso in Czerka Offices. Agree to fetch him, and enter this room. You can threaten to take him to Czerka for a 500 credit pay off for your silence, and if you refuse, kill him. Or, after Jana Lorso, talk to him and lie that you're taking him to Grenn. On the way out, two Czerka mercs appear. For extra (DS Points), tell them "he's all yours" and watch or join in the attack on Batono.