Telos - Cantina

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You'll find the Swoop Race master here at #2, and a Pazaak player at #3, but your main reason for coming here will be Luxa, the Exchange second in command at #5, only after completing the first Czerka or Ithorian quest. Corrun Falt at #7 relates to the last Ithorian quest, and Doton Het at #6 is the person to speak to regarding a bonus quest in Residential 082 East.

1 - Exit

Exit to Entertainment 081 (#5).

2 - Swoop Race Master

For extra credits, you can win a few swoop races here, and also take practice runs by talking to the race master.

3 - Mebla Dule, Pazaak Shark & Merchant

Buy Pazaak cards or play her for cold hard credits.

4 - Benok Encounter

You'll encounter Benok here by the bar. Just a brief foreshadowing of colliding destinies - yours and his.

5 - Luxa, Exchange Second

After escorting the droid for either Czerka or the Ithorians, you'll be asked by Jana or Chodo to either kill Slusk (Czerka) or negotiate with Slusk (Ithorians). The way into the Exchange is through Luxa and you won't get any of these choices until you first side with Czerka or the Ithorians.

  • a) If you're coming on behalf of the Ithorians:

    She'll bargain with you about killing or "getting Slusk out of the picture" in order to see him. You'll have no choice but to accept, and can then go directly to the Exchange entrance at Residential 082 East (#5). Tell the thug there that Luxa sent you and he'll open the door.

  • b) If you're coming on behalf of Czerka:

    She'll have a couple of quests for you before she arranges the meeting. The first is to pick up some goods on her behalf in the medical unit in Residential 082 West (#7). Go there, and answer the communication console when it rings. You'll then be directed to Residential 082 East (#10), apartment B3. They say to come alone. See the link for details and when finished, she'll give you another quest. You can also collect a 500 credit "hazard pay" allowance if you ask.

  • c) Luxa's second quest on behalf of Czerka:

    She asks that you shake out the debt Opo Chano owes the Exchange, over in Residential 082 East (#9b). See the link for details. When that's taken care of, she'll reluctantly arrange the meeting with Slusk and ask that you kill him for her. When you agree, go to the Exchange entrance at Residential 082 East (#5). Tell the thug there that Luxa sent you and he'll open the door. Alternately, Dark Siders can kill the thug and use the console there to page the receptionist and tell her Luxa sent you.

    6 - Doton Het

    Once you've spoken to Harra in Residential 082 East (#7) about Ramana, you can negotiate for her release in two ways. You can play high stakes Pazaak with him at 1000 credits per game, or can pay him 2000 credits up front (1500 with persuade). See the link for details once she's released.

    7 - Corrun Falt

    This man has a chip on his shoulder aimed at Jana Lorso. Once you're on the Ithorian's last quest to get some dirt on Czerka, come here and speak with him. You can persuade him to point you to Opo Chano in Residential 082 East (#9a), who can then get you the credentials you will need. Tell him that it will likely make Jana Lorso look bad, and with persuade you can get him to do it for free. Otherwise you may need to pay up to 500 credits for the Opo Chano tip. See the link for details.