Crystal Cave
Dantooine - Crystal Cave

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Your main goal is twofold. First, once you have the cave quest from Zherron in Khoonda, head to #4 and defeat the Matriarch. Search the remains and all crystal formations for your named crystal, the most powerful crystal in the game. Next, after having been to the Enclave Sublevel, head to #5 where you'll deal with the several mercenaries holding Vrook prisoner. Afterwards, it's a matter of siding with Khoonda or the mercenaries.

1 - Exit

Exit to Khoonda Plains (#7).

  • a) If you've met with Vrook:

    Save your game before the exit, as you'll have a decision to make on the other side at Khoonda Plains (#10). Fight for or against Khoonda, or tell Azkul (the man waiting on the other side) what he wants to hear and take more time to decide.

    2 - Rubble

    Check the nearby rubble for the atmospheric sensors that Saedhe wants at Khoonda Plains (#6).

    3 - Ahrnell, Wandering Twi'lek

    You'll find Ahrnell moving through this section of the tunnels. For (DS Points) you can persuade him to give you his kinrath gland, or simply kill him for it. He'll also tell you a little about the mercenary camp at #5, which you won't be coming to until you learn of Vrook's location in the Jedi Enclave.

    4 - Hive Matriarch

    If you've spoken with Zherron in Khoonda about the cave problem, this is the area you'll want to explore. As soon as you disturb a crystal formation here, the Matriarch appears and all the kinrath hatchlings from the eggs in the area attack at once. To make the battle slightly easier you can bash every kinrath egg before touching the crystals. However, when the Matriarch appears, concentrate every party member on its demise and use mass affecting force powers to get rid of the hatchlings if they attack; they're weak anyway and go down quite easy. When the Matriarch is dead, search the remains and every crystal formation here. Along with all the other crystals you acquire, you will pick up the most powerful crystal in the game, the crystal in your name, in which its the power grows as you do.

    5 - Mercenary Camp

    If you come here before the Enclave Sublevel, the area will be empty. After finding a clue to Vrook's location, come back here and you'll find him and the several hostile mercs plus captain that are holding him captive. If you tell them you want Vrook dead, he'll do battle with you after you defeat them. When he's severely hurt, he'll flee the fight, but you'll end up fighting him later regardless of your choices from here on. Side with Azkul and the mercs or Zherron, it makes no difference.

    If you're light side, simply defeat the mercs here, and Vrook surprisingly admonishes you for your stupidity. He'll leave and you'll have no choice but to head to the exit and follow him. Make sure you take the items off the remains and in the containers here after the battle.

    Before you use the exit at #1, save your game, as Azkul will be on the other side waiting.