Residential 082 West
Telos - Residential 082 West

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Your contact here will almost exclusively be Chodo Habat at #4. If you're playing a Light Side character, you'll want to take on his quests, which eventually lead you to the Restoration Zone en route to the Ebon Hawk, your ultimate goal.

1 - Exit

Exit to Residential 082 East (#6).

2 - Info Console

Use this console and download a map of the area. Now, whenever you find another info console (in any section of Citadel Station), you can use another info console and automatically return to this point and vice versa.

3 - Greeter

Tell the greeter anything, and he'll direct you to Chodo Habat.

4 - Chodo Habat, Ithorian Priest

Habat is connected to the Force and felt your presence here. If you haven't yet taken any quests for Czerka, he offers to help "heal" you after you've helped them. Thus begins a series of three main Light Side quests to eventually find the Ebon Hawk. He can also tell you the location of Batono for Lt. Grenn if you've got that bounty quest. See Entertainment 081 (#11b)
for details.

  • a) Chodo's 1st Quest, Ithorian Droid:

    Like with Czerka if you've already been there, Chodo asks that you escort their droid from Hangar Bay 2 at the Dock Module. You'll need to first go to Dock Module (#2a) and speak with the Ithorian guarding the door. See the link for details, and after returning, he'll give you another quest, that of negotiating with the Exchange.

  • b) Chodo's 2nd Quest, Exchange:

    Chodo now asks that you convince Loppak Slusk, the Exchange Boss here to leave the Ithorian restoration project alone. That will require a meeting of course, and he'll point you to Luxa, Slusk's second in command, over at the Cantina (#5a) in order to arrange it. See the link for details. When returning from the Exchange, Chodo will give you the much needed Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture, one the four parts required to build your own lightsaber. You would also get one after completing the Czerka quests from Jana Lorso. Chodo asks one final favor.

  • c) Chodo's Final Quest, Czerka Corruption:

    Chodo will ask that you complete one final task. He plans to use Czerka's droid B-4D4 to access the mainframe at the Czerka Offices and download any incriminating evidence against them. In order to gain control of the droid, you would have to have the proper credentials. During your conversation, he'll point you to the Czerka employee Corrun Falt in the Cantina (#7) as a possible bribe target. See the link for details.

  • d) When returning with the incriminating evidence as B-4D4:

    Your quests for the Ithorians are done, and as a reward, you receive a permanent +5 to maximum force points when he heals you. Additionally, he'll arrange your transport to the Telos Restoration zone to meet with Bao-Dur, who can hopefully help you find your ship. To get there, take the shuttle exit at Dock Module (#9). However... after you leave Residential 082 West, your next attempt at an exit, whether it's into the shuttle or another zone, will begin a final bonus quest, to save the Ithorians from Attack. See #4e below.

  • e) Ithorians under attack:

    After completing all the Ithorian quests, Mozo will eventually contact you from the Ithorian Vivarium, at Residential 082 West (#5b). He's trapped and there has been a mercenary attack on the compound. He also has the key to Chodo's office, so you must get to him quickly.

    Head back to the compound, and be prepared for four skirmishes. In the first room just after the greeter at #3, you'll fight several mercenaries. The largest battle is next, in the main room to the south. Afterward head to #5, the Vivarium. After defeating the mercs there, talk to Mozo, who will give you the key to Chodo's office at #4. Once you open the door, you'll do battle with very tough mercs as soon as you enter. Be prepared, as this one noticeably more difficult. When it's over, you'll have Chodo's thanks, and much more experience thanks to the mercenaries.

    Finally, you can head to the Shuttle, or stay here to complete any side quests you missed.

    5 - Vivarium, Bachani Plant

    There are two times you may wish to come here. One is for Samhan Dobo's first smuggling quest at Entertainment 081 (#3). See the link for details. The other time is after completing all of the Ithorian quests and receiving a distress call from Mozo. He's in here. After defeating the mercenaries, talk to him to get his key to Chodo's office at #4 and then proceed there. See #4e for details.

    6 - Lab Station

    A handy Lab Station to create or breakdown items.

    7 - Console

    This console is only used in the Czerka side quest from Luxa at the Cantina (#5b). See link for details.

    8 - Console & Supply Container

    If you come here before taking on Samhan Dobo's 2nd smuggling quest at Entertainment 081 (#3d), you can use the console to open the seal and take the contents. If you're on the quest, see the link for details.