Walkthrough FAQ
I have some advice, new quest information or a correction to submit. Would it be inappropriate for me to do so?

No. You can help significantly with that by providing corrections or quest information where needed, or advice with an easier (non-exploit or cheating) solution. Advice of the strategical kind might be better suited to our Strategy Guides section rather than the walkthrough. For a walkthrough submission, send us an e-mail here!.

What are the differences between the KotOR I & II?

Obsidian used the same engine for KotOR II as BioWare did in KotOR I, but they added occasional graphic effects such as rain or snow on some maps. The framerate is often slower in the second game, especially in battles with many opponents, and the load times are longer. The inventory system has been reworked to allow two sets of weapons, and the interface command bar now allows for switching the two sets with the click of a button, a much needed addition.

New to KotOR II is the ability to influence your party members' alignment by your own dialogue with them and choices that you make. There is now a Workbench and Lab Station where you can break down items into components and chemicals to create brand new items of your own depending on skill. There are also lots of new items and some new powers and feats, as well as items that are randomly generated in containers, rather than being in a specific place. Finally, there are new Prestige Classes that you can reach once you hit level 15, and there is no level cap.

What's the best order to do the planets? Are the planets in the walkthrough set up in any order?

There really is no best order. Yet after much thought and play testing and rearranging, I've finally settled on this order to present the walkthrough, the main reason being the flow and excitement seemed to be best. Other walkthroughs (including the Prima Guide) list Nar Shaddaa as first, but here it is second. The reason is that in my opinion, it is the most substantial planet in both quest complexity and overall difficulty, and by placing it second, you should be easily the equal to any challenge it can throw your way and still have time to use the party member you pick up there by the end of the game.

But I'll reiterate what I said before: there really is no best order; just take a look at our worlds section and pick the planet that seems best at that moment.

How do I get to Dxun? I don't see that on the Galaxy Map.

The story will take you there when you simply select Onderon..

At what level can I become a Prestige Class?

Talk to Kreia any time after level 15, with significant Light or Dark alignment and you'll get to make your decision..

How do the Workbench and Lab Station work?

New in KotOR II is the Workbench and Lab Station (though you could upgrade Lightsabers in the first game using a workbench). They now allow you to create nearly all of the good upgrades and some of the best items in the game using your skills. All skills are used except Persuade, and the higher the party member using the Workbench or Lab Station is, the more you will see available for creation. The highest skill requirement I believe is 32 in some cases. This includes all of your bonuses for equipment, etc.

When you create weapons, armor and upgrades, you'll use the generic "components" for each item created. To use the Lab Station for creating healing supplies, stims and the like, you'll need the generic "chemicals" for each item created.

Apart from finding components and chemicals everywhere, the only way of getting them is to break down your found or bought items. I would suggest instead of breaking down your item into components or chemicals, selling off your unneeded items for a lot of credits, and then buying either Advanced Medpacs or Frag Grenades... two items that merchants sell an infinite amount of, and then converting those to components or chemicals. Your money will go a lot further by doing it this way.

Your walkthrough doesn't have all the items in every bin, container and locker.

There are two good reasons. One is that, for the most part, all the items in KotOR II are randomly generated. You can have most or none of the best items by the end of the game, but are likely to have at least several if you search everywhere. Secondly, if we listed every medpac, repair kit or repair parts that you could find in the game, you would stop reading where any sort of item list began because it would all start to look the same. You'll probably end up searching all the containers anyway. We will however list the most important items you come across that are not randomized. By doing it this way, you won't miss any significant or out of the ordinary ones..

There is a Dark Side point opportunity you missed and I'd like to e-mail you about it.

Unless it's out of the ordinary, please do not send it if it appears obvious, such as killing someone, threatening to kill someone, threatening someone in any way, blackmailing, or any other obvious dark deed. The reason many Dark Side opportunities are not in the walkthrough is that being mean usually doesn't really require one. For that matter, neither does being overly generous and kind. However, in this game you are sometimes not rewarded for doing so, and we like to be thorough..

Which is better, playing the Light Side or the Dark Side?

There are great force powers on each side and the game is well-balanced, so play to the side that suits your playing style. If you don't like to read much, I'd suggest playing Dark. If you're a helping type or like to complete every quest, I'd suggest playing Light. Each of them have a different gameplay style and a unique ending which makes playing two games, one for each side, also something to consider, time permitting.

Additionally, both Light Side and Dark Side characters will have a unique character join their party some point in the game.

What are the differences between playing a male vs. playing a female?

The female PC has "romantic" opportunities male party members, while the male PC "romantic" opportunities with female characters in the party. You'll also get chances to roleplay each gender during the game. There is no difference in their power.

Additionally, each gender will have a unique character join their party at some point during the game.