Outer Hull
Outer Hull

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Your basic goal out here is to acquire the parts necessary to repair the hyperdrive, found in all the containers on the ship's outer surface. You only need five to complete the repairs, however you may as well check every container.

1 - Exit

Exit to Ebon Hawk (#6).

2 - Open Hatches

Search all these containers for parts.

3 - Exposed Wiring

Use up one of your parts (you'll have plenty) to repair the exposed wiring and open the inside Starboard Dormitory door.

4 - Mines & Missile

Use your droid to recover the minor frag mines, and/or search the guarded missile turret for another mine, used for accessing the Engine Room inside the 'Hawk. When you're through exploring the area, return to the Ebon Hawk via the #1 exit, and continue with Ebon Hawk Adrift (#3).