Mining Tunnels
Peragus - Mining Tunnels

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Your main goal here is simply to make it through the tunnels to the only exit at #9. You'll fight many droids on the way.

1 - Exit

Exit to Administration Level (#6).

2 - Atton & Container

Check the container here for your first real outfit and other equipment. Atton comlinks you give you the lowdown on the level.

3 - Repairable Droid

If you want a little help, repair this droid for some easy xp.

4 - Large Droid Battle

Several droids are here along with the maintenance droid remotes and their pesky healing ability. Whenever you encounter these, take out the maintenance droids first to avoid needless frustration.

5 - Superheated Blast Tunnel

Quickly run through this short but damaging area.

6 - Console & Droids

When you first arrive in the large chamber, there are two excavation droids in the area, one on each side. At the central console, you can use it to open the nearby locked bin, then shut down the four containment fields. Behind each containment field is a set of spider droids you can defeat for experience.

7 - Junction

First take the southwest exit. The door will be locked, so use your plasma torch to open it. Continue until you reach #8. After you explore the area and get the items, head back to this junction and take the southeast exit, fighting more droids on your way to the #9 exit.

8 - Corpse & Mines

You should find a Basic Ionite Edge upgrade item here on the corpse after disarming, sneaking past or blowing up the mines. When finished in the area, head back to #7 and take the southeast exit toward #9.

9 - Exit

Exit to Fuel Depot (#5). Take this exit to complete the Mining Tunnels.