Merchant Quarter
Onderon - Merchant Quarter

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Aside from a couple people looking for Starport Visas on the south side, you can find Captain Riiken at #7, who will be an integral part of solving the mystery you're about to face. Other notables include a political preaching Ponlar at #9, Anda at #10 who will have missions for the Dark Side player, and Captain Bostuco at #12 who guards the entrance to the Sky Ramp, an eventual destination of yours much later in the game. Your first goal (I'm recommending) is to simply talk to the people to get a feel for the local politics, and then travel to the Western Square at #13 in search of Dhagon Ghent, Mandalore's contact.

1 - Exit

Exit to Iziz Spaceport (#7).

2 - Captain Gelesi

Gelesi will ask to see your Starport Visa before you head back to the Iziz Spaceport area. If you are a Dark Side player and take Anda's mission to get rid of the captains, you'll find Gelesi in the Iziz Cantina.

3 - Harassed Iziz Citizen

As you approach the area, several of Vaklu's soldiers will be attempting to take this man into custody. When you enter into it, you can ask what's going on, and then persuade the soldiers to let the man go for (LS Points). Alternately, you can cruelly have them arrest the man for (DS Points).

4 - Terlyn & Kids

This is the first person you will come across who desperately wants a Starport Visa. In her case she wants to escape Onderon with her kids. For (LS Points), give her one of your two extra open Starport Visas once you find them.

5 - Tolas

This man will pay you 2k credits (3k with persuade) if you give him your extra Starport Visa. You won't receive either Dark or Light points for the act.

6 - News Hologram

Here is another terminal, allowing you to catch up on recent events.

7 - Captain Riiken

The Captain happens to be guarding Dhagon Ghent, but you won't find that out until searching around Dhagon's residence in the Western Square. You can talk to Riiken for info about local politics for now, and later, if you're playing the Dark Side, you'll have a chance to get him in the Western Square, but only after you finally square things up with Dhagon Ghent. If you incite him about leadership and later receive Anda's quest, it will come back to haunt him (which is what you'd want if playing Dark Side).

  • a) After learning of Dhagon's custody:

    Your first goal will be to talk to Riiken and find out what you can do to release him. Riiken mentions that people in the Cantina might be able to help. Go now to the Iziz Cantina (#4a) just off the Western Square and speak with Kiph about the murder.

  • b) After showing the serving droid's evidence to Nikko:

    Your party and Nikko will be sent here to convince Riiken that Ghent should be released. The Major then shows up and attempts to refute any evidence, but regardless of your conversation choices, Ghent is released and you suddenly find yourself back at his residence at Western Square (#9).

  • c) For Anda's Dark Side quest:

    Persuade or Force Persuade him to talk about his misgivings about local authority and the guard next to him will overhear, eventually leading to Riiken's dismissal. Thus you can complete this quest without killing Riiken.

    8 - Gegorran, Merchant

    This bandwagoneer will sell you goods until you have finally met with Master Kavar, at which point your reputation precedes you and he politely refuses to have anything to do with you.

    9 - Ponlar, Political Heretic

    When you approach Ponlar before settling the Ghent situation, he's speaking to a group of Vaklu supporters and you'll be invited to share your views.

  • a) After finding Kavar:

    Polar incites the citizens into a riot, and you'll be forced to choose to help the Onderon soldiers or the side with Ponlar and fight against them. There are only several nearby soldiers you would have to defeat if this were the case; the rest of them simply glare at you.

    10 - Anda, Vaklu Conspirator

    Dark Side players can get Anda to send you on an important mission for Vaklu. She wants three captains removed from duty in any way you see fit. The captains are Bostuco at #12, Riiken at #7 and Gelesi who can now be found in the Iziz Cantina (#3). She also gives you a military security card that you can use to access computer terminals. Her reward is 2,500 credits for each captain you remove from duty, and your further reward is massive (DS Points).

  • a) Captain Bostuco:

    This captain can be taken care of quickly. Head over to the nearby console at #11, use it to view the Sky Ramp camera, and then overload the terminal. Bostuco will perish and you'll have two left. Return to Anda for your 2,500 credit reward.

  • b) Captain Gelesi:

    He can be found at the Iziz Cantina (#3). When you find him, simply Persuade/Force Persuade or Persuade/Threaten him and his family, and he'll gladly leave Iziz. One to go. Return to Anda for a 2,500 credit reward when you're in the area.

  • c) Captain Riiken:

    You can deal with Riiken in two ways. Incite him to talk about local politics in which a guard will overhear and later he'll be removed (after the main quest - see #7c above) or later, you can find him in the Western Square. After you deal with Dhagon Ghent for the first time and he sends you to battle Bakkel in the Cantina, you will notice Riiken patrolling the Western Square. If you decide to take him down during his patrol, your goal will be to follow him while waiting for him to wander out of eyesight from the crowd. When he's near the Western Square exit to the Merchant Quarter, confront him and then kill him. If anyone manages to see you, they will run toward your party and ask what's going on. You can Persuade/Force Persuade them that they didn't see anything, or they run away and Anda is displeased. Regardless, you will still get your reward.

    11 - Security Console

    Use this console if you are a Dark Side player and received the quest from Anda at #10 above. See #10a.

    12 - Captain Bostuco & Guards

    Talk to Captain Bostuco to learn about the Sky Ramp, a place you will be visiting again before the end of your adventure. It is not open to you now.

    13 - Exit

    Exit to Western Square (#1).